Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

Its is important to know washing machine price in Nigeria. This is because as humans, one of the things that make us quite different and more advanced from other creations is our ability to put on a piece of clothing and have this on while going through our daily activities. For the fact that these piece of clothing are worn while navigating the busy streets filled with dust, gases, etc means that these clothes become dirty after a while and as such should be subject to some washing to keep them clean especially these times of global pandemic.

As you begin to wash these clothes, its only normal to desire a better, faster means of washing these clothes without having to stress ourselves and this is where we start searching for a washing machine. This article focuses on washing machine price in Nigeria, you are going to aside knowing the average cost of washing machines in Nigeria also learn other things that applies to owning a washing machine in a country like ours.

One of the benefits of using a washing machine for your laundries is that doing so will allow you to divert your time and energy to something more productive especially these days that our industries are going digital, remote jobs are on the increase, etc


What is a Washing Machine?

Washing machines are electrical appliances that are primarily used to do the laundry at home, without intense human interference. Human input is only needed to control and apply the needed detergent, remove and finally dry the clothes

These machines are commonly found at dry cleaning shops, home, stores, and other residential areas which show how valuable it is.


Types of Washing Machine

Washing machines can be categorized based on; Type of loaders, capacity, and how they operate. All these come together to determine the average price of washing machines in Nigeria.


Based on Loader

The Front/Side Loaders – These types of washing machines are designed in a manner that you are expected to put your loads through the front or rear of the machine.


The Top Loaders – These types of washing machine requires you to load your clothes through the top of the washing machine.


Based on Size

It is common to get to see various sizes of washing machines in the market. Meanwhile some the common sizes that you will find include the; 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, and others that can suit your requirement and budget.

The size also determines the average cost of a washing machine


Based on Operation

Ordinary Washing Machine – These types of machine carry out only the washing aspect of your laundry washing without drying them.


Washing and Drying Machine – This is a more advanced washing which takes care of your washing and drying together. This is a cool feature best to handle emergencies.


The Manual Washing – This class of washing will require some efforts from your end like filling it with water and detergents.



The Semi-Automatic Washing Machine – This set of washing machines are known to be partially manual and partially automatic. They seem to be the most requested set of washing machines.


The Automatic Washing – They have been designed in a way that you can get your result just by pressing some buttons on the washing machine.

The more advanced a washing machine, the higher the price. This is why washing machine price in Nigeria differs

Popular Washing Machine Brands in Nigeria

As soon as you step into a showroom or dealer shop, you are surely going to be amazed at the number of different brands of washing machines available in the market.

While LG seems to be one of the most popular brands, there are other wonderful but less trendy brands that are not only cheap but also recommendable since their products are durable, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Let’s see different brands of Washing Machines available in our local markets today


LG Washing Machine – LG is a brand that is vast as they are known to be in all aspect of electronics both domestic and industrial and their products are always awesome from smart phones, refrigerators, TV sets and many others. Their brand of washing machine has been accepted by a lot of Nigerians because of their quality and durability.


Qasa Washing Machine – The Qasa washing machine brand is not lagging in the market as it is dominating fast. While the name may sound strange or new, I must let you know their products are good and durable as well as meet all regulations, thus recommendable.


Hisense Washing Machine – Here is another wonderful brand of washing machine that has stolen the hearts of many as one of the best stain removers. You can’t go wrong using the Hisense Washing Machine.


There are many other popular brands of pumping machines worth mentioning which include; Bosch, Black Decker, Haier Thermocool, Nexus, Scanfrost, Samsung, Midea and many others.


Washing Machine Prices Based on Brands and Capacity


Here is a result of recent research carried out by our team to look out for the washing machine prices in Nigeria.


Check out Washing Machine Price in Nigeria listed below. So check them out below;


  • The cost of 16kg LG Top Loader Automatic Washing is N250,000
  • Price of LG 6.9Kg front Load Automatic washing machine is N169,000
  • The cost of 10kg LG Top Loader Twin Tub Washing is N135,000
  • The cost of 8kg Hisense Top Loader Automatic Washing is N92,999
  • The cost of 7.2kg Hisense WSJA751 Washing machine is N56,100
  • The cost of 6.8kg Scanfrost Tub Semi-Automatic is N49,000
  • The price of 8.8kg QASA Washing Machine is N55,000
  • The cost of 8.5kg Polystar Automatic Machine is N125,000
  • The cost of 9.2kg Nexus NX-WM-9SASB Semi-Automatic is N76,300
  • The cost of 12kg Maxi Full Automatic Washing is N132,000

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine in Nigeria


Having known washing machine prices in Nigeria, below are some things you should look out for when buying a washing machine.


Look out for the brand

Ensure the brand of the washing machine that you are buying is generally accepted and always look out for positive reviews. Meanwhile, if you are going for a new brand, then make sure it has received a lot of good feedback from its users.


Check for the Capacity

This depends on your requirement. If you are a person that does have a lot of clothes to wash, then you should get a washing machine with a smaller capacity, but this might increase your future cost especially when you’re buying as a bachelor or spinster.

Personal Budget

You don’t have to empty your pocket because of a washing machine as there are a lot of affordable washing machines that you can start with.


Conclusion: Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

One thing is certain for sure! Washing machine price in Nigeria might vary due to certain factors like brand, capacity, location and so many others.

However washing machine price in Nigeria ranges from N32,000 – N250,000 but certainly depends one or two of the factors mentioned above!

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