PVC Ceiling Price In Nigeria

Today on Kostville.com, we are going to be looking at another important building materials known as PVC Ceiling. This time we are going to focus on PVC ceiling Price in Nigeria. And i believe this is a very important topic because every home owner wants to have the best materials installed in the home, something beautiful, yet the best quality!

Generally, a buildings will look awkward and unattractive when there is no ceiling installed. So the importance of using ceilings in your buildings cannot be underestimated.

Well, there are different kinds of ceilings in Nigeria where we have seen the asbestos made ceilings, the wooden ceilings, and others but today our focus is the PVC Ceilings.


PVC is an acronym for Polyvinyl Chloride, Thus, pvc Ceilings are generally made of plastic materials. These plastic materials have been put into various designs that are in the Nigerian market today. One of these designs is the production of the PVC panels.

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The use of PVC Ceilings in buildings is fast becoming the latest trend of ceiling and top choice to many people. PVC Ceilings have been used in offices, schools, homes, super markets, social gatherings and many other places and the outcome? Awesome

This is due to the fact that it has been proven to be durable, beautiful, affordable, easy to maintain and many other amazing benefits.

Some people love it because it can prevent noise from getting into their buildings, thereby giving them a peaceful rest. While others go for it because it comes with a variety of designs than any other kinds of ceilings.

Personally, I love it because it is very easy to install, replace except if the color doesn’t exist in the market at the time, maintain and clean without a hassle. If you have small nails, staples or adhesives, you can get them set in your buildings.


PVC Ceiling Price in Nigeria

PVC ceiling Price in Nigeria ranges between N6,500 to N25,500 per bundle.

However a row of PVC Ceiling is 16ft long while the width is close to a foot. You are most likely to find 12 rows of PVC Ceiling in a bundle.

Meanwhile, an average sized room should occupy about 12 rows of the PVC Ceilings.

The price range is wide because of some factors including ; the location you bought the ceiling, the quality of the ceiling, the period you are buying the ceiling, the design of the ceiling and other related factors.

The cost of Installing this ceiling too depends on the materials that to be used and how big the place you want to install it is.


Where Can You Buy PVC Ceilings

These PVC Ceiling vendors and distributors are found across all parts of the country. This is linked with the fact that it is a very new invention and gradually kicking out the traditional ceiling. Therefore, you can get it in a nearby building material market in your vicinity. However, it might interest you to know it is possible to make your bookings online too as we live in the digital age. In Order to get the best PVC ceiling Price in Nigeria, ensure you visit a wholesaler or dealer

But you must ensure the quality, colors and design match your needs before ordering!


Exciting Things About PVC Ceilings

Here we are going to see a few exciting things about pvc ceiling that may interest you a lot.

Variety of Designs – The PVC Ceilings usually come in different forms and designs to suit your purpose. This will allow you to choose any kind of design that would match your buildings.

The designs are so much that you might spend several minutes trying to select the best one for you. This is one of the best things you will like about the PVC Ceilings.



PVC Ceilings are Highly Durable – Yes nobody wants to buy a product that won’t last long enough to serve it purpose. The PVC Ceilings has been known to be one of the most durable kinds of ceilings out there.

Easy Installation Process – There could be nothing sweeter than buying something that won’t cost you a drop of sweat before installing it.

The PVC Panel stands out to be one of the easiest ceilings to install. They are very light weighted which helps save a lot of energy.

You will have to pay less money to the engineer that is to install it, thereby saving your money. The easy installation process will make you love it.

It is safe to use – This is another reason why you will like the PVC ceiling. It has been said to be made with materials that are safe for your health.

We have heard about the likes of ceilings that are made with asbestos which have been proven to be dangerous for your health.

Therefore, harmlessness of this ceiling is another reason you will like it

Easy to maintain – Yes, I personally love the fact that this kind of ceiling can be cleaned whenever you want due to the kind of materials that it is made with.

You can choose to clean it with soap and water or just wipe it off whenever it becomes dusty.

I believe you will like this feature also.


Little things you may not like about PVC Ceilings

Well, we have discussed the things you like about the PVC Ceiling, why not let us see some things that you may not like about it.

PVC Ceilings are Subject To Sagging/Hogging – Because PVC is a material generally weak in the presence of heat, there is a high tendency of it sagging after a few years especially now that the world is experiencing global climate change. PVC ceilings may be seen bending away from the braces and this does not look nice at all.

Dusts Build Up Over time – One thing i have observed during installation of PVC Ceilings is that it is often easy for charges to build up at the surface and this could lead to the attraction of dusts which means regular cleaning is required to keep the ceiling neat. Lets not forget to mention the charge is not harmful to anyone!

No/Low resistance to heat – Because PVC ceilings are made of plastic which yields in the presence of heat, it is suggested that you have no heat emitting bulbs installed as this could lead to damage

Joints Are Visible –  In Most cases, joint lines are visible. This does not leave a fine finish at all

There are Traces of Chlorine Gas In Every PVC Ceiling – We actually mentioned earlier that the PVC Ceiling is safe to use but there have been a lot of controversies surrounding the presence of chlorine gas in the ceiling.

Anyway, it is true the PVC Ceilings have some chlorine gas present in them but people fail to understand that it is only present in small harmless quantities.

Therefore, this has caused panic among some people who feel the chlorine gas can be dangerous to their health.

PVC Ceilings are Not Very Attractive – If you are a fan of flashy things then this ceiling might not suit your needs because the colors of PVC Ceilings are often cool with varieties of designs.

Well, this might not be an issue to you except you are a fan of flashy things.


Conclusion – PVC Ceiling Prices In Nigeria


PVC ceiling Price in Nigeria should be found between N6,500 to N25,500 per bundle which majorly depends on the quality you are getting. However other factors like location, designs and others that we mentioned earlier are some of the price determinants.

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