Prices Of Gold Wedding Ring In Nigeria


Are you planning to get married soon? And you want to know the prices of gold wedding ring In Nigeria as part of your preparation process? Ok! Sit back for right here on this page, we shall be revealing what a wedding ring costs in Nigeria today!

Don’t worry, you are on the right platform.

Wedding rings are known to represent the marriage union and the commitment between couples. However one of the most preferred types of ring for this purpose is the gold wedding ring.

Buying a Good Wedding Ring

Prices Of Gold Wedding Ring In Nigeria

The first thing that couples must ensure is that they are buying the best rings.

To do this, the couple must have a material of the best quality at hand, and this can be represented by an original gold ring.

They must also be persuaded by the beauty of the ring. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the elements that make up the beauty of the ring such as the satin, mirror, matte texture, with or without embedded stones.

Ensure that the ring fits in perfectly on the finger. Yes, it must comfortable to be used every day of your life. It should also be easy to remove.

Gold Wedding Ring Price in Nigeria

You must have known before now that there are different types of wedding rings in the market today where gold weddings are just part of them.

So concerning your interest, our team have taken their time to research the price of gold wedding rings in Nigeria.

Remember that the brands and quality of these rings have a significant effect on their prices.

  • The price of the Brazilian Gold Wedding Ring Set is ₦ 15,000
  • The price of a Wedding Ring Set 18carat Gold-plated for Couple is ₦ 6,000
  • The price of Rommanel Wedding Ring Set 18 Karat Gold Plated G63 is ₦ 7,800 is ₦ 6,500
  • The price of a Solid Wedding Ring (3piece Set) Gold Plated Steel Ring is ₦ 4,999
  • The price of Luxury Gold Color 925 Sterling Wedding Engagement Rings is ₦ 7,000
  • The price of Never Fading Gold Color 6mm Brand Rings for Women/ Men is ₦ 1,238
  • The price of 6mm Gold Frosted Design Stainless Steel Wedding Band is ₦ 3,500
  • The price of the Indiana Gold Plated Wedding Ring Set is ₦ 7,900
  • The price of a Wedding Ring, High-Quality Couple Non-fade Rose Gold Color is ₦ 5,000
  • The price of Luxury Gold 925 Sterling Ring Set Wedding for Couples is ₦ 7,200
  • The price of the Bruna J Gold Plated Wedding Ring Set is ₦ 9,800
  • The price of Elegant Stainless Steel Lasting Engagement Ring is ₦ 2,800
  • The price of the Indiana Gold Wedding Ring Set is ₦ 8,500
  • The price of a Wedding Ring Set Gold Plated for Couple is ₦ 3,000
  • The price of Titanium Wedding Ring Pair for Couple-Gold is ₦ 2,400
  • The price of the Gold Wedding Ring Set is ₦ 3,000

Customizing Your Gold Wedding Rings

The customization of the wedding rings must be done by a jewelry expert in other to pass the right message.

It is advisable to request samples from the jeweler or you go there with a sample of what you want. This will reduce the risk of getting disappointed.

Customizing your wedding ring enhances the ring design and also makes it more personal to you.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wedding Rings

Deciding on a wedding ring is not always easy to make among couples especially when it comes to price and quality.

So check out our recommendations below;

  • Go For 18 Karat.

We already know that gold is the preferred metal for the bride and groom but the most requested is 18 karat due to its quality and solidity.

Therefore, it is not a bad idea if you also go for it.

  • Visit a Good Jewelry Store

Another recommendation is to seek advice from a good jewelry store before buying. Ensure that you confirm the real gold rings or get samples from them.

  • Silver Wedding Ring is an Option

Silver also offers lower costs than gold and they can combine with other metals such as copper.

  • Consider Your Budget

Not only the metal determines the price, consider evaluating the design because they may affect the price also.

Buying Gold Wedding Rings Online

There are many online stores where you can buy your preferred wedding rings in Nigeria. Among them is Jumia, Konga, Azaria, delphimetals, zavandi, velvetsparkles, among others. Do not forget we still deliberating on Prices Of Gold Wedding Ring In Nigeria

Although buying wedding rings offline might be preferable for some people but do you know that there are some advantages of getting them online? Especially when it comes to time management.

You can check these advantages below;

  • It Saves Time

During wedding preparation, time is what couples consume the most, so managing the time will be of great help for the couple.

With online purchases, they will not leave home to visit all the jewelry stores in and out of their locality, a task that could take at least more than 15 days.

  • Cost competition

Not only can you save time buying wedding rings on the internet, but it also turns out that online prices are more competitive than those of classic jewelry stores.

They ensure the shipping costs and the reliability of the seller.

  • One-Click Is Enough

Whether you want to check for varieties of the wedding ring or you want to place an order. Everything you want can be done in just a click.

  • Returnable If You Are Not Satisfied

Most of these online stores, particularly Jumia allow you to return what you bought if you are not satisfied with it.

Although, period left for this may be limited but it is worth it.

Conclusion – Prices Of Gold Wedding Ring In Nigeria

There is no fixed price for gold wedding rings in Nigeria. So you should visit any jewelry store or an online store where you can place an order easily to get one.

The gold wedding ring price depends on the quality, design and brand of the ring you are buying. Meanwhile, you should be aware that there might be an additional cost if you choose to customize the ring.

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