Price of Trip of Sand in Lagos

Price of a trip of sand in Lagos

Maybe you’ve got plans of constructing your next major building and have chosen Lagos city as a place, but you don’t know the price of a trip of sand in Lagos. You will be getting it right here today.


You might also want to use sand to fill your bad roads, construct gutters, build drainage systems, plaster walls, floors and other uses depending on your purpose.

The usefulness of sand during construction cannot be underestimated because it’s so impossible to construct a building without sand.

But don’t get it wrong – there are other important building materials that you can’t do without during constructions. Some of these building materials include cement, block, nails, binding wire, wood, aluminum, rods, windows, and others.



There are different kinds of sand meant for different purposes where sharp sand seems to be the most common one used for building today.


Some major sources of sand include rivers and beaches. You already know that Lagos is one of the states in Nigeria with big waters which means more sand.


Nevertheless, we will be talking about the various types of sand and their prices in Lagos today.


Types of Sand and Their Prices in Lagos

On this section, we shall be listing the various types of sand you’re likely to come accross as your building project goes on!

Sharp Sand – (N60,000)

This is obviously the first type of sand that comes to your mind when you talk about building and construction. Another name for this sand is known as concrete sand. This sand is known to have a more coarse texture compared to the builder sand. They are usually heavier because their grains are larger and are used in areas that require more concentration when building. Some major uses of sharp sand when building are enumerated below ;


  • They are one best sand for rendering and flooring screeds
  • They are used for paving drainages
  • They are used in mixing concretes
  • They are used to mix other types of sand in other to increase their strength
  • They are also used for lawn care.


A trip of sharp sand in Lagos cost an average of N60,000. Some notable locations in Lagos you can get sharp sand include Alimosho, Lagos Island and other river sides.


NOTE: N60,000 is the cost of a tipper carrying 20tons of sharp sand.



Plaster Sand (N40,000)

Plaster sands usually have finer particles compared to sharp sand which is one of the major reasons why they are the top choice for plastering. The importance of plastering when building cannot be underestimated because it makes your building and constructions look more attractive and complete. Plaster sands have been said to have similar properties with beach sands but they are cleaner. Let’s quickly go through some uses of plaster sands below ;


  • They are mostly used to make plasters.
  • They usually fill holes in blocks when building.
  • They are also used to set pavers when building.
  • They are used fill low spot in lawns
  • They used to make concrete by mixing them either cement, gravel or sand.
  • They are used for block laying


A trip of plaster sand in Lagos cost an average of N40,000. Some major locations where you can buy plaster sand in Lagos include Ajah, Alimosho, Badagry, Lekki and other water sides.


NOTE: It is a tipper carrying 20 tons of plaster sand that worth N40,000


Filling Sand ( N40,000)

Sometimes before mounting a building on a ground is important you confirm if the ground is leveled enough to support the building and sometimes some holes need to be filled. This is the major reason people buy filling sand. Filling sand serves as a good alternative to filling dirt because filling sand has been known to have a good compact property making it stand as a solid base for buildings and constructions. So you should check out some uses of filling sand below.


  • They are used in filling large holes.
  • They are used for leveling the floor before building
  • They are normally used as a base sand where you lay concrete

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A trip of filling sand in Lagos cost an average of N40,000. Some of the places where you can get filling sand in Lagos are Agege, Lagos Island, Ajah and other areas where there is water.


NOTE: A tipper carrying 20tons of filling sand cost N40,000


Granite Sand (N100,000 to N150,000)

This is another category of sand that is very necessary in building and construction. Granite Sand as the name implies is a product of granite used for different purposes during building and construction. Granite sand can be heavier and harder than the other kinds of sand that we discussed earlier and they are not usually obtained from rivers but a product of igneous rock particles known as Granites.


Another thing you should know about granite sand is that they are usually more expensive compared to other types of sands. Below are some of the important uses of granite sand when building and constructing.


  • They are usually good for mixing sand and cement in other to form solid mortars
  • They are used in creating pathways, walkways, expressways and other forms of roads
  • They are used fill gaps that are found in pavers
  • They are also good for floor levelling and fillings
  • They are used when settings pavers during building and constructions.


The cost of a trip of granite sand in Lagos falls at an average of N100,000 to N150,000 depending on your location and the period you are buying. You can get granite sand in places like Ikorodu, Ajah, Ijebu Ode, Asokoro, other areas in Lagos.


NOTE: The price range of granite sand N100,000 to N150,000 cover a tipper carrying 30 tons.


Conclusion: Price of Trip of Sand in Lagos


Well there are other kinds of sands but the ones discussed are the ones that are high in demand in Lagos.


The prices discussed above might be higher or lower than the actual prices from your preferred supplier but the difference won’t be much because it gives an average of what most suppliers will charge you for a trip of sand in Lagos.


There are a lot of people who have no idea about the prices of these sands in Lagos and are looking for it. So the best way to help them is by using the social share icon to share this article with them.


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