What is the Price of One Block?

A Sandcrete block is that made by combining a partially coarse soil, cement and water in a specified ratio usually 1:8 depending on the specification and needs of the project owner. On this post we shall be looking at the average price of sandcrete blocks and we are focusing on Africa as this is the part of the world where you’ll find it mostly used in construction industry!

What is the price of sandcrete Blocks?

Before we talk about the price of one block, lets first give a brief description to help you know what you are about buying!

A sandcrete block could be made to be hollow or solid!

Types of Sandcrete Blocks (By Size)

What is Hollow Block?

A hollow block is simply a sandcrete block with voids in the middle. This is common with Medium and large sized blocks described below

What is Solid Block

A Solid block is simply that block with no voids. It is common with the smallest sized blocks described below

The most common type of sandcrete block you will find is the 5, 6 and 9 inch.

sandcrete blocks are usually heavy and dense, they are the most important aspect of building construction and are expensive too. I know you may want to know how sandcrete blocks are made, but this is not the scope of this content as Kostville is only concerned with the cost or price of sandcrete blocks

Dimensions Of Sandcrete Blocks

Just incase you are wondering what the dimensions of a sandcrete block is, i will share with you cos it is among one of the many things i look out for when researching on the price of things for my blog

1. Smallest Sandcrete Block

The smallest sandcrete block measures approximately 450mm x 228mm x 125mm. This is the size of sandcrete block used for small buildings without much structural requirements

2. Medium Size

This is popularly known as 6 Inch block. It is used in construction of Septic tanks, Duplex, Bungalows as the case may be

The dimensions of a 6 inch block is

450mm x 152mm x 228mm

3. Large Size

The large sized sandcrete block is compulsory for any building above a story building, specially if the building is subject to a lot of loading. It is extra dense and heavy and usually hollow

Its dimensions are 450mm x 228mmx 228mm

its is also known as 9 Inch block and usually Hollow

Note: Dimensions are in L X B X H (Where L is length, B is breadth and H is height)

What is The Price Of One Block?

The price of a block usually depends on a few factors; i will explain these before giving the actual price of blocks

Factors that Determine the Price Of One Block

Below is a list of few factors that may affect the average cost price of a sandcrete block. Read carefully please!

1. Distance to Construction site

Some commercial molders usually have a set price per block if the site is considerably far from their molding site. This can be negotiated anyways. So ensure you know the terms of delivery before contracting them for a supply

2. The specification of the Blocks

In situations where the specification falls below market standard, you may notice a higher price per block. This is because it takes more cement to mold at 25 blocks per bag than required for a 35-40 blocks per bag as most commercial molders do

3. Demand

There are seasons where the demand for blocks is very high. At these times, most molders would add some little amount to the normal price. This is usually during the dry season when a lot of building projects are embarked on by landlords and companies. So the average cost of blocks are given below

Small Size Blocks
The average cost of small sized blocks ranges from N100 – 120

Medium Sized Blocks
The average cost of medium sized blocks ranges from N120 – 140

Large Sized Blocks
The average cost of large sized sandcrete block is N150

This is the average cost of sandcrete blocks In Nigeria. Please note that some commercial sellers could impose a cost of delivering the blocks to your construction site. This is normally a part of the price per block, but as you know, sometimes things change.