Price of Land in Badagry 2020

Would you love to buy a plot of land in Badagry area of lagos but not sure the financial requirements involve? Well, feel free cos after reading this post, you are going to find the answers you seek. This post is going to be focused on the price of land in Badagry area of Lagos state, Nigeria.

Plots Of Land In Badagry

Badagry is one of the five administrative divisions of Lagos State where you get to find a good number of residential buildings. Well, Badagry itself is a tourist attraction where you get to see some places of interest like; the point of no return, first story building in Nigeria, Agia Tree, first well and some major beaches including the sultan beach.


Personally, I think Badagry is one of the underrated areas of Lagos State because the market and Government focus is actually on the Island and the Epe division area like Lekki, Ajah, e.t.c. You do not dare to buy land in these areas if you don’t have a huge amount of money at hand.


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Well, some major areas of Badagry are yet to be dominated which is the reason you are likely to find land at cheaper prices compared to other areas of Lagos State. 


Meanwhile, this does not dispute the fact that Badagry is a fast developing area where new companies, hotels, eateries, estates, and markets are popping out in different areas of Badagry daily 


Factors That Affect The Price of Land In Badagry


The cost of Land in Badagry Area of Lagos State is not stable. Some major factors would determine the cost of land in Badagry where some of them are highlighted below.


Urgent Need For Money 


Fact remains that the majority of residents in Badagry are the people of mid-class which is quite unlike places like Banana Island which is currently dominated by Businessmen and woman. Based on this fact, people are bound to sell out their land at a cheaper price when they are in urgent need of money. Therefore, you might be lucky enough to find someone to sell land to you cheaply in the Badagry Area. The level of urgency on the part of a seller determines the price of land as a land owner who is in nor urgent need will always be patient till he gets a higher bidder

The Condition of The Land

Badagry as an area of Lagos state has the dry and wetland. In Badagry, you will see lands of both conditions where the dry land are more expensive. Badagry has a lot of wetlands that you can buy at a cheap rate but the fact is that you will still have to spend money trying to fill up the wetlands to become dry land. So, it is left for you to decide which is more preferable to you. 

Topography Of the Land 

You are also likely to find some sloppy lands in Badagry which you can get at a very cheap price while levelled land goes at a higher price because you don’t have to spend money filling the land. So you should also consider this factor whenever you want to buy Land in the Badagry Area. 

Level of Development In The Area

 Badagry has both developed and underdeveloped areas. There are some remote areas in Badagry where you can get Land at a cheaper price compared to developed areas like Okoko, Iyanaba, Alaba, Volks, Era, Ilogbo Elegba and others. 

However, if you are looking for a good plot of land to buy in Badagry, rest assured, cheap plots of land exist even in the fast-developing areas like Oko Afo, Agbara, Ilogbo Eremi and others.


Cost of Land In Badagry


Let’s take a look at some major areas in the Badagry division of Lagos State and their respective prices of lands;

  • Agbara area of Badagry – The price of land in Agbara area of Badagry ranges from N800,000 to N3,500,000 per plot. You should know that the residential areas of Agbara are more expensive.


  • Oko Afo area of Badagry – The price of land in Oko Afo area of Badagry ranges from N1,000,000 to N3,500,000 per plot


  • Mowo area of Badagry – The price of land in Mowo area of Badagry ranges from N500,000 to N1,200,000 per plot.

 Therefore, the average Price of a plot of land in Badagry Area ranges between N500,000 to N3,500,000 per plot depending on the factors stated earlier. 

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 In case you are looking forward to getting a plot of land in the Badagry area of Lagos state, you should make your decision as soon as possible because Badagry is fast developing already. 


How Much Can A Plot of Land In Badagry Appreciate

 As stated earlier, Badagry is fast developing. This implies that a plot of land will appreciate exponentially in the coming years.

 Therefore, in case you are planning to invest in a land in Badagry, you should consider booking your plots as soon as possible because you are likely to make over 100% profit in the coming years.


Factors To Consider Before Buying A Land

 Let’s quickly take a look at a few factors that must be considered before committing your cash in a plot of land in Badagry area of Lagos state.


Availability of Legal Papers (Supporting Documents)

Before you think of paying for a land, you should ensure that all the necessary documents are available for the land. You should also ensure that the land is a registered one so that you don’t fall into the hands of scammers. You already know how desperate some people can be to make money. If possible you should consider involving a lawyer.



No matter your purpose for buying a plot of land, it is important to consider your security. Do not buy a plot of land in an area where there are hoodlums, ritual activities, armed robbers, cultism, and other social vices. Ensure you make a good research about the area so that you don’t end up regretting. 


The Land Size Of Land

Depending on your purpose of buying the land. You should ensure that you get enough of land that would satisfy that purpose. So that your plans for the land won’t be tampered with by the end of the day.


The Location Of The plot of land

I mentioned earlier that the location of the land will determine the cost. Well, the location of the land depends on your purpose too. If you wish to buy land for business purposes, then better you consider an open area but if it’s not necessary, you can always choose a remote area. All depends on your plan for the plot of land.


 Conclusion – Price of Land In Badagry Area of Lagos State

 The price of Land in Badagry Area of Lagos State ranges between N500,000 to N3,500,000 per plot. These might go up soon because Badagry is becoming more developed.

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