Price of Keke Napep in Nigeria

A couple of research has shown a surge in the search for the accurate price of keke Napep In Nigeria and truth remains, even though a lot of websites and blogs claim to have these information, they often have an outdated price of keke in them and their information is not applicable to what we have here on this page today.

Anyway, I am of the opinion that Keke Napep has been a blessing to several Nigerians in the sense that it is safer, faster and affordable as well as offers a great source of income to those that can afford one.

Both the Keke Napep riders and their customers are great beneficiaries of this wonderful tricycle or Rikshaw as it is called by my Indian Friends


Whether you are interested in buying Keke Napep for business or for personal use, this article has been perfectly written and would help you know the price of Keke Napep in Nigeria and this is not just any article, it was written after a thorough market research was carried out by Kostville research Team!


But before that, why not learn some things about Keke Napep below;


What is Keke Napep


Keke Napep is a popular street name used to describe commercial tricycles used as a means of conveying people and goods from on location to another in Nigeria


The name Keke Napep originated in the Western Region of Nigeria. The lead word ‘KEKE’ was coined from a Yoruba word meaning bicycle while NAPEP is an acronym for National Poverty Eradication Program.


Ever since this tricycle was introduced to Nigeria, it has become the favorite and cheap means of transportation for many and has been a good substitute to motorcycles.


In Lagos state, the government has been trying to place a ban on motorcycles which is popularly referred to as Okada. The decision was aimed at reducing the rate of road accidents in the state and automatically placed Keke Napep as one of the cheapest means of transportation


However, most people are not comfortable Keke Napeps because it because Unlike bikes with just 2 wheels, a tricycle or Keke may not count as one of the fastest means of moving from one place to the other especially in Lagos state.


Having said that, it is important to also mention that Keke Napep has been a very successful means of survival for many families.


Importance of Keke Napep in the Life of an Average Nigerian


It is a source of Cheap transportation

It is a source of income for owners and transporters


Importance of Keke Napep to The Owners


It serves as a good source of income – Considering the fact that much Nigerian love the Keke Napep.


Venturing into road transportation business with Keke Napep will make you a good amount of money every day. Some user mentioned making around N5,000 – N6,500 on a daily basis. That’s a total of N150,000 – N201,000 monthly income for the family and i can tell you in the current Nigeria of today, a family with that income must be happy especially when there is a good saving scheme


You are also bound to spend less on fuels because of the way their engines are programmed.


It is easy to maintain – Unlike the commercial bus where you spend a lot of money at the car wash, pumping tires, fuelling and others.


Keke Napep is less likely to go through those processes. Meanwhile, you can handle most of these things yourself without having to spend much.


It is lightweight – This an added advantage because it is easy to push when the need arises.


It has provided employment to the youths – You should have known before now that one of the major problems that the country is facing is the rate of unemployment.


The Keke Napep has a positive impact in the eradication of poverty. A lot of youths are now into the business and making a substantial amount of money from it.


Meanwhile, there are older people too that are into this business to support their family.

Importance of Keke Napep to the Transporters

It is safer than a motorcycle – Although a motorcycle is faster but Keke Napep is safer.

And I believe that this is one of the primary reasons why some people prefer it to motorcycles.

You will hardly see the case of Keke Napep accidents compared to that of motorcycles. Therefore, the Keke Napeps means of transportation is safer.

It is affordable – Here is a unique thing I enjoy about Keke Napeps. They are not expensive, infact their price tag is closer to that of the commercial buses.

It is convenient – Unlike, the commercial buses where we see up to 5 people sitting in a row which makes the whole place stuffy.

The Keke Napep is a really convenient tricycle where you have a maximum of three people in a row. Aside from that, it is well ventilated.

It has reduced social vices – Yes, since many youths are employed by driving the tricycle for commercial purposes, we can conclude that it has an effect in reducing the criminal rate in the country.


Brands of Keke Napep in Nigeria

Are you still interested in the prices of Keke Napep in Nigeria, if yes then pay attention to this section. Because in this section, we are making known the average and current cost of Keke Napep In Nigeria and this we are doing for different brands as found in Nigeria.

Just like every other vehicle has their brands, the Keke Napep is not left out by any means.

We have a lot of Keke Napep brands where the TVS and Bajaj are the most popular brands.

Check out the popular brands of Keke Napep in Nigeria

Please Note that the brand also influence the price of keke Napep In Nigeria

Bajaj Tricycles

Bajaj is not new in the Tricycle business. This could be linked to the fact that the company already gained a lot of popularity as one of India’s biggest Rickshaw Brands before Keke Napep or tricycles ever knew their way in Nigeria. Bajaj tricycles are loved for their durability, rigidity, and ruggedness.


TVS Tricycles

This is yet another popular Keke Napep brand with power engine, offering a great degree of comfort as well as an electric start. You can’t go wrong with this brand.


Piaggio Tricycles

Something about this brand of Keke Napep is that it has minimal fuel consumption. Which makes it a good option for commercial tricycle riders in Nigeria?


Daylong Tricycles

Daylong is a really affordable brand of the Keke Napep which also has the qualities that you might be looking out for in a tricycle.


Price of Keke Napep in Nigeria

The price of Bajaj Keke Napep ranges between N600,000 to N850,000

The price of TVS Keke Napep ranges between N580,000 to  N650,000

The price of Piaggio Keke Napep ranges between N550,000 to N700,000

The price of Daylong Keke Napep ranges between 500,000 to 600,000


Conclusion – Price of Keke Napep in Nigeria

Base on the price list that we have above, the average price of Keke Napep in Nigeria should range between N500,000 to N850,000

Meanwhile the prices might be higher or lesser than the average given. This is due to the irregularities in brands, quality, locations, season, etc.

However, the difference will be little.

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Image credits: Bajaj Compact Image