Price of Face Mask In Nigeria

We shall divert our attention to the price of face mask in Nigeria today. So i beg you to pay attention as we unfold these in a bit!

Face Masks otherwise called face mask and safety masks are known to be common among doctors, nurses and healthcare workers.

Following the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, it has become a norm for everyone to start wearing a face masks which has led to the hike in price in both the local and foreign market as a result of increasing demand!

Meanwhile, one thing you need to know about face masks is that they have some other advantages aside protecting you against COVID 19.

I hope you haven’t forgotten the commercial motorcycle riders who make use of Face masks and the construction workers who also wear them while working.

Therefore, face masks have been in use before the Corona Virus outbreak and will still be in use in the nearest future.

Anyway, now that the price of face masks in Nigeria on a regular increase, we have no option than to buy them in order to protect our self from getting infected with this viral disease.

Meanwhile, there are other safety precautions that need to be practiced where some of them include; keeping away from the crowd, washing our hands regularly with soap and water, using hand sanitizers, boosting your immune system by taking vitamins and other minerals, among others.

So let’s quickly learn something very imporant about face masks before we move to the prices of face masks in Nigeria today.

What Is a Face Mask?

Face masks are materials worn on the face to prevent you from getting infected with airborne diseases like cough, cold, corona virus, influenza, among others.

The also protect you from inhaling dusts and harmful chemical. They are mostly common among doctors and other healthcare workers.

The major categories of face masks in Nigeria are the reusable and the disposable types

The reusable type of face masks are made of materials like clothing so that they can always be washed and used again.

While disposable face masks cannot be washed after use neither can they be used afterwards. They are rather meant to be disposed after a first usage.


The Importance of Face Mask

It is quite obvious you are very interested in Face masks, this is why you are keen to finding the what it costs to own one for yourself

So let’s run through these importance of face masks below;


  1. They Protect You From Diseases – Most especially the airborne diseases. The bacterial or virus causing these diseases are known to pass through the nose and mouth till they get to the respiratory tracts. Thereby causing infections.

So, in order to protect yourself against these diseases, you are expected to make use of your face masks regularly.

  1. They protect against dust – Constant inhalation of dusts have been proven to cause some health complications like asthma among others.


This is the reason you see most commercial bus and motorcycle drivers wearing them at all times.

Carpenters, bricklayers and other construction workers too are regular users on face masks.

Therefore, to protect yourself from inhaling dusts, you shouldn’t joke with your face masks.


  1. They Protect Others From Getting Infected – Well, you may be wondering how this possible.


Anyway, if you refuse to put on your face mask, you might get infected with disease and there is a high probability that this disease would be transferred to someone else too.

Therefore, protecting others from getting infected is another importance of wearing face mask.


Price of Face Mask in Nigeria

We shall be letting you know the current prices of face masks in Nigeria today. These prices may range but they are actually based some certain factors that are enumerated below;


  • The brand of face mask you are buying.
  • The quality of face mask you are buying
  • The quantity of face mask you are buying.
  • The period of buying the face masks.


And some other factors. So let us quickly go through these prices below;


  • The price of Medical Dental Surgical Operation disposal face mask (20 pcs) is N5,000


  • The price of 3 Layer Face Surgical Disposable face mask (50 Pcs) is N10,000



  • The price of Reusable Black face mask (3pcs) is N1,340


  • The price of Reusable White face mask (6 pcs) is N2,400


  • The price of Reusable Washable face mask(2 pcs) is (N3,500)


  • The price of Safe Breathable KN95 face mask (2 pcs) is N8,000


  • The price of Dust Proof Face Mask, Mouth Cover, and Nose Cover is N4,700 each


  • The price of Reusable Children face Masks (6 pcs) is N2,000


  • The price of colorful Fabric Reusable Face Mask is N2, 500 each.


  • The price of Reusable and Reversible African Prints Face mask is N1,750


Judging from the prices above, we can estimate the cost of a piece of face mask in Nigeria;


  • The price of a single disposable 3 layer face mask/nose mask ranges between N200 to N300


  • The price of a single rewashable/reusable face and nose mask ranges between N400 to N500


  • The price of a single Dust Proof, Mouth Cover and Nose Mask ranges between N4,000 to N5,000

Safety Precautions For Using a Face Mask 

It is not enough to know the prices of face masks in Nigeria but taking note of safety precautions should be a plus for you.

Without these precautions, buying a face mask might end up been a waste. So check them out below;

  • Never reuse a disposable face mask to avoid getting infected with germs
  • Ensure you wash your face mask regularly if it is a reusable
  • You should replace or dispose a wet face mask as they may contain germs.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before touching a face mask. You can also make use of hand sanitizers.
  • Never touch the front of the face mask after it has been worn. You should rather pinch the stiff edge whenever there is need to remove it.
  • Avoid wearing a torn or punctured face mask for adequate protection.


Price of Face Masks in Nigeria

If the factors that we mentioned earlier are to be considered, we can easily conclude that the price of a piece of face mask in Nigeria ranges between N200 to N5, 000.

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