What is the Price of Electric Cars

What is the average price of an electric car? I never knew what an electric car was until the day my boss at work asked me the same question you are asking presently.  

 Well, you should be familiar with the usual fuel cars that you see roaming around your street because electric cars are uncommon and have some major advantages over the fuel cars. 


The depletion of the Ozone is a major worry which is caused by smokes from industries, plants, machines, generators, and of course car exhaust. This worry would have been less if people had gone for electric cars. 


Electric cars have a very minimal contribution to the air and noise pollution compared to the common fuel cars. 


Probably, you must have heard about this kind of car which is the reason you are also interested in the average price of electric cars that would be discussed as you read this post today.


What are Electric Cars

 I must tell you what electric cars mean because of the people that have little insight into this kind of car.

 Well, the easy definition is that electric cars are vehicles built and powered by rechargeable batteries. Therefore when asking about the average price of electric cars, you should be concerned about their batteries too. 

 These kinds of cars have been around for as far back as the 1880s with a lot of versions being put out since then. Some of these versions too will be made known to you in this article today where it’s best selling version is the Tesla Model 3.

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 They are known to make less noise and require no smoke from the exhaust since they don’t work with petrol, gas or any other fuels. All that is required of you to utilize the vehicle is recharging it at any vehicle charging station.


Types of Electric Cars 

 Electric Cars are of different types where some of them are completely electric while others have an alternative power source. Their classes are based on how reliant they are on electricity. There are three main classes of electric vehicles; see them below;


●   Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV): This kind of vehicle has cars that depend totally on electricity as a power source. They make use of a highly powered battery without using any other fuels to make them work effectively. The same battery power used to run the car is also used to run all other onboard electronics. The BEV cars are rechargeable with charges of different grades that would be discussed here today. Some examples of these cars include; Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen e golf, BMW i3, Chevy Bolt, Kia Soul, Chrisler Pacifica, Ford Focus Electric, Hyundai Ioniq, Karma Revero, Tesla Model S, Chevy Spark, Nissan LEAF, Tesla X and Mitsubishi – MiEV.


●   Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV): The PHEV type of cars depends on electricity and gasoline as a power source. Their batteries are not as strong as that of the BEV because whenever they reach a certain distance with a certain speed, their battery power becomes used up. 

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This is the reason gasoline is used to aid the powering of the PHEV cars. This type of vehicle is rechargeable through plugging it to an external power source or through regenerative braking. Examples of this PHEV include; Chevy Volt, Mercedes C350e, Fiat 500e, Ford C – Max Energi, Mini Cooper SE Countryman, Hyundai Sonata, Ford Fusion Energi, BMW i18, Chrisler Pacifica, Mercedes S550e, Audi A3 E Tron, Mercedes GLE550e, BMW 330e, Volvo XC90 T8, Porsche Cayenne SE – Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Kia Optima, and Porsche Panamera SE – Hybrid.


●   Hybrid Electric Vehicle ( HEV): The HEV has lesser battery power compared to the PHEV and BEV. It uses both electricity and gasoline as it’s the source of power. The main method of charging this category of car batteries is through regenerative braking. The electric source of these types of cars is used to boost the car at the beginning and then continue with the gasoline power.

 It seems I’m mentioning the regenerative braking for the second time, well you should know that regenerative braking is the process whereby energy is recovered through the conversion of the car’s kinetic energy to the potential energy that can be used any time it is needed. Examples of HEV cars include; Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Prius Hybrid and Honda Civic Hybrid.

What Is The Average Charging Time For An Electric Car


In this section, our focus would be mainly on battery electric vehicles ( BEV) because these cars are the ones that require charging most. 

 Meanwhile, your answer to the question “what is the average price of an electric car ?” would be answered after this section. I’m just ensuring you get the full information concerning electric cars so that you can always know the type that suits you as a person. So let’s discuss the average charging time for an electric car.


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 The average charging of electric cars solely depends on the level or type of charger you used in charging the electric car’s battery. You should check out these electric vehicle chargers and the average time they use in charging an electric car.


1. Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charger – (8 – hours): This charger can be used to charge almost all-electric cars and can be plugged to any power outlet providing 120 Volts. This electric vehicle charger will take an average of 8 hours for it to fully charge the car battery. This car can go about 75 to 80 miles. This kind of charger can be used in locations like home and offices.


2. Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger – (4 – hours): The level 2 electric vehicle charger charges 2× faster than the level 1 EV chargers. They can be plugged to a power outlet providing 240 volts. This charger takes an average of 4 hours to fully charge an electric charge. A fully charged electric car can go 75 to 80 miles. You can use this kind of chargers in offices and charge stations.


3. Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charger – ( 30 minutes ): The level 3 electric vehicle charger which is also known as DC chargers is fastest among all and takes an average of 30 minutes to fully charge an electric car which is 6.2% faster than the level 1 electric vehicle charger. This charger is often connected to direct current and can be found in dedicated charge stations. An electric car charged with level 3 electric vehicle charger can go about 90 miles. 

 Therefore, from what we have above, we can boldly say that the average charging time for an electric car depends on the kind of charger used.

 Now let’s get down to the average prices of electric cars in the subheads below. We will be selecting some of your favourite brands of car.


1. Average Price of Toyota Electric Car 


●   Toyota Camry Hybrid (28,430 to – 32,730): This car is categorized under the HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and has made it to the list of some of the top hybrid electric cars ranking no 1 in 2020. This position was attained because of some notable factors list below.


○ It has been proven reliable by most of its users.

○ It has been marked safe to use going by several reviews.

○ It has a cool power train.

○ It saves the cost of fuels.

○ It accelerates smoothly.

○ It gives a comfortable ride.

○ It has a lot of quality features.


Some notable features and specs of the car include;


● 208 horsepower

● 44 to 51 miles per gallon city

● 53 to 57 mpg highway 

● 5 Sittings 


Now, the average cost of Toyota Camry Hybrid falls within the range of $28,430 to 32,730


●   Toyota Prius ( $24,200 to $32,375): Toyota Prius is another car that falls under the hybrid electric vehicle category. It stands out to be of the best selling cars of it’s kind and has a lot of good reviews from its users. This hybrid electric car is also known for its fuel efficiency and its shape. Some notable features of this car are enumerated below;


● 121 horsepower

● 6.5 amp power nickel-metal hydrid pack.

● 52 mpg highway

● Tech features include 7 – inch touchscreen, BlueTooth, USB inputs, CD Player, Wi-FiFi Hotspot and other amazing features.

 The average cost of Toyota Prius is within the range of $24,200 to $32,375


2. Average Price of Tesla Electric Car


●   Tesla Model S ( $79,990 – $99,990): This is one of the top and earliest battery-electric cars which fall under the BEV category. This car has a whole lot of positive reviews and has been rated of the best of its kind. This car is said to have a great performance and a good driving range of about 400 miles. It is a very spacious car that can occupy a reasonable number of passengers. Some notable features and powertrain are enumerated below;


● It accelerates forcefully

● It has amazing technological features.

● It has a good driving range

● It has about 96 to 98 mpg highway

● It uses two electric motors.

● It uses a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

● It can go from 0 – 60mPh in about 4 seconds

● It is a 5 seater car.

.The average cost of a Tesla Model S ranges from $79,990 to $99,990.



●   Tesla Model X ( 84,990 – $104,990): This is another brand of the Tesla Model cars which is also an electric vehicle that was first produced in 2015 in California. This car is ranking number 2 in the top electric cars in the world following the Tesla model S. Some notable features of the Tesla Model X are highlighted below;


● It’s driving range is long

● The car battery charges fast

● It has good acceleration.

● It has impressive tech features

● The battery is capable of covering a 325-mile driving range.

● It will charge faster when using their superchargers.

● It has a driving train

● It is a five-seater vehicle

The average cost of Tesla Model X ranges between $89,990 – $104,990

3.  Average Price of Volkswagen Electric Car 


●   Volkswagen ID.3 ($32,466): This electric car is a great one that most people around the world fantasies for. This car was once one of the most wanted car awards due to its irresistible features. This car has a particular feature which allows you to communicate with the car through a light bar. Below are some of the features of the Volkswagen electric car. 


● This car comes with three different battery capacities which include the 48kwh,58kwh and 77kwh. These batteries don’t charge at the same duration.

● The 48kwh battery can go about 200 miles, the 58kwh battery can go 360 miles, while the 77kwh battery will go 340 miles.

This car’s average cost of Volkswagen is $32,466.


4. Average Price of Fisker Electric Car


●   Fisker Ocean (37,500): This electric car is a recently launched one and it is one of the top-notch electric cars. The brain behind the Fisker brand is Henrik Fisker who made the launching of this car and it has been said to come along with a solar proof. 


This car can go about 250 to 300 mile when fully charged and has been tagged the most sustainable car in the world. They are also classified under the battery-electric cars, so you should consider the Fisker Ocean car a great one also 

 The average cost of Fisker Ocean is $32,500 


Conclusion: Price Of Electric Cars


Judging from the prices of all electric cars we’ve discussed above, we can easily conclude that the price of electric cars generally ranges from $30,000 to $100,000.

 At this point, I believe you have an answer to your question “what is the average price of electric cars?”

 If yes, why not use the social share button to spread this wonderful piece with your family and friends. 

 Meanwhile, use the comment section below to let us know what you think about the average price of electric cars discussed in this article today. Thanks.


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