Price of Dstv Decoder In Nigeria

If you have noticed recently, especially as Covid-19 has kept almost everybody at home, a lot of people have turned to their mobile phones and Tv sets as a source of solace. While the younger ones are surfing through the trends on instagram, facebook, Tiktok and twitter, the other ones are glued to the tv sets viewing one series or the other. Lets no forget that there are also homes that has suddenly realized the importance of Tvs and cable services as a way out of boredom and thus, the need to buy a decoder. On this post, i will be talking about the price of decoder in Nigeria would be discussed in this post today and a lot of emphasis would be placed on one of the biggest cable TV service in Nigeria, DSTV.


Decoders have been around for years where DSTV seem to be one of the earliest of all with GOTV being one of the cheapest and thus, the most affordable one recently.


Actually, nobody wants a boring home, we all need something to take away our worries or pass out time. This is the reason people subscribe to various decoders on a monthly basis especially this period that most cities around the world are on a lock down.


Aside from current #Covid-19 induced lockdown, one of the best ways to eliminate boredom is tuning in to your favorite TV channels. These decoders usually have a lot of channels where you can choose the one that interests you the most by just operating your remote control.


They come in different company products with different prices. So let’s quickly review some decoders and their prices before we dive into a popular one known as DSTV.


Price of Decoder In Nigeria

On this section, you are going to discover the different digital cable tv services available in nigeria and the price of their decoder respectively, we start with MyTv Below!


Price of MyTV Decoder in Nigeria

Maybe you haven’t heard about MyTV before. Well, this decoder is not so popular but they offer several channels that you can always choose from. Their subscription plans are as low as N500 monthly and N5,000 yearly.


The price of MyTV decoder in Nigeria ranges from N7000 to N10,000.


Price of Startimes Decoder in Nigeria

Startimes is one of the earliest and affordable cable TV in Nigeria. Most people accepted it when it came because it’s price was lower than DSTV and it also displayed some major channels that people loved.

It also came with an affordable subscription package where the Nova package is N900, Basic package is 1,300, Classic package is 2,400 and Unique package is N4,800.


The price of Startimes Decoder in Nigeria ranges between N7,000 to N10,000.


Price of TSTV Decoder in Nigeria

TSTV seems to be one of the only few decoders that is made in Nigeria. Even if they are not the most acceptable cable TV but they are one of the cheapest. They have an array of Channel lists that might interest you at affordable and flexible subscription packages.


With these decoders, one gets to enjoy a good number of international and local channels. You can go for a daily subscription which is as low as N200 and monthly at N3000, meanwhile their other packages which include 3 days a week, 10 days and 2 weeks. Each of them have their respective prices.

The price of TSTV decoder in Nigeria ranges between N5,000 to N7,000.


Price of Kwese TV decoder in Nigeria

From the name you will know that it is an African based decoder but it shows both international and local channels. It displays about 75 channels where you can always tune in to your favorite.


Their subscription packages are not cheap as the ones that we talked about above but still affordable though. They range from N900 3 – days and N6,700 monthly.


The price of Kwese TV decoder in Nigeria ranges from N5,000 – N11,000


Price of GOTV decoder in Nigeria

GOTV decoder is one of the most common, affordable and durable decoders in Nigeria today. They offer a lot of top channels and they’re very easy to operate by anyone.

They also display both local and international channels at various subscription packages that range from N500 to N3,200.


The price of GOTV decoder in Nigeria ranges from N7,000 and N8,000.


Like you already know that DSTV is one of the best Cable TVs around the world today. They offer a very wide range of channels internationally and locally.


They have been around for years now and they are still going to be around for a very long time. The high quality and durability of this decoder makes them rank among all other decoders in Nigeria and stand out to widely acceptable.


This decoder has a lot of categories ranging from entertainment, sports, movies, cartoons, documentary, news, education, religion, and many others that are suitable for anybody in any class.

Price of Dstv Subscription Packages In Nigeria

Let’s quickly talk about the different DSTV subscription packages, their prices as well as the number of channels enjoyed by subscribers!


  1. DSTV Premium Package ( N15,800) :With this bouquet, you will have access to over 175 channels.


  1. DSTV Compact Plus Package (N10,650) : You will have access to over 155 channels when you subscribe to the bouquet.


  1. DSTV Compact Package ( N6,800) : You will be opportuned to view over 135 channels when you are subscribed to this package.


  1. DSTV Confam Package ( N4,500) : With this bouquet, you will gain access to over 120 channels.


  1. DSTV Yanga Package (N2,500) : When you’re subscribed to the DSTV Yanga Package you’ll have access to over 95 channels.


  1. DSTV Family Package (N4,000) : With DSTV family you will have unrestricted access to over 110 channels.


  1. DSTV Access Package (N2,000): You will gain access to over 90 channels for as low as N2,000.


  1. DSTV French Touch Package ( N3,180): With N3,180, you have access to additional 10 channels.


  1. DSTV Indian Package (N5,400) : This is most suitable for Bollywood lovers who might be interested in additional 15 channels.


  1. DSTV French Plus Package (N6,360) : This package will give an additional 15 channels at N6,360


Price of DSTV Decoders In Nigeria

In this section, you will find the exact price of Dstv decoders. So if you have been looking for Dstv HD Decoder price, this section answers your question


You should also see some DSTV decoder versions and their prices below:


Dstv Zapper HD Decoder price – N5,000

Dstv HD Zapper + Dishkit – N12,800

Dstv Explorer Decoder + Smartcard – N31,000

Dstv Explorer + Dishkit – N66,750



Conclusion – Price of Decoder In Nigeria


The prices of decoders vary due to the maker of the decoder meanwhile some others have the same prices. You should go ahead and buy a good decoder but remember to budget for your subscriptions.


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