Price of Cement In Nigeria

Price of Cement In Nigeria

Earlier before this day, people had constructed buildings with mud, bamboo, palm fronds e.t.c. But ever since civilization began to take place, we started seeing tall towers made of bricks and concrete, and we also got roads that are made of brick blocks.

Well, I am using these moments to remind you that all these buildings and towers won’t have come to reality without a particular building material known as cement and today we shall be looking at Price of Cement In Nigeria


Cement are substances that act as binders during construction. They help to grip concrete blocks together when building and make them hard though a process known as setting and strong after they have fully set.


In most cases a cement is mixed with sand, gravel, in order to make concrete. Below are the top reasons why cement is mixed with sands or gravel to make concretes.


Meanwhile, it is necessary for you to note that cement and concrete are two different entities because I have met with some people who tend to mistake them for each other.


Well, cement is a chemical compound that is made from the combination of limestone and clay heated up to 1,450 degree Celsius for it to be formed while concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, stones, water and any other earth particles.


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But why does cement need to be included for concrete to be formed. Find that out below;


  • Cement is added so that concrete becomes hard.
  • Cement is included so as to boost the bonding of the concrete elements together but don’t forget that water is a very important compound for concrete to be formed.


The importance of cement in building and construction can never be ignored when building.


In fact one of the first things that should be on your budget is the prices of bags of cement that would be made clear to you in this article today.


But before that, we will be looking at some types of cement you need to know.


Types of Cement and Their Uses


Ordinary Portland Cement

This is the most popular cement used for building and construction purposes. They are made from limestone, clay, marl, chalk, and shale. Below are some of the uses of Ordinary Portland Cement;


  • They are used during constructions and building generally
  • They are used during masonry projects.


Portland Pozzolana Cement

This is a type of cement made from gypsum, silica fumes, volcanic Ash, OPC clinker, and calcined clay. Below are some of the uses of Portland Pozzolana Cement.


  • It is used to repair concrete damages.
  • They are used for finishing touches after construction and also used to smoothen surfaces.
  • They are used in making sewage pipes.
  • They are used in constructions that are close to the water area.


White Cement

This kind of cement has been known to be made of limestone, clay, shale, and marl but with low quantities of manganese oxide and iron oxide. Below are some of the main uses of white cement.


  • They are mainly used for decorative purposes in buildings both inside and outside.
  • They are also used in patching of slates in the roof.



Price of Cement in Nigeria


The price of cement in Nigeria depends on some major factor which include the following below;


  • Location: The place you are buying the cement from determines the price because populated states like Lagos tend to have an increased price compared to other places.


  • Brand: The brand of cement that you’re buying too also determines the price. Some more popular brands tend to be more expensive compared to others irrespective of their quality.


But today we will be talking about two popular brands of cement in Nigeria and their prices. The prices of other brands of cement in Nigeria too would also be made known to you.


Price of Different Brands of cement in Nigeria

Price of Dangote Cement in Nigeria


Dangote is undeniably the most popular cement brand in Nigeria today. It is also one of the earliest cement brands owned by the richest man in Africa today ( Alhaji Aliko Dangote ).


This cement was initially known as Obajana Cement in 1992 before it became Dangote Cement Plc. in 2010. It can be found all over the states in Nigeria and even breaking boundaries to South Africa, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Cameron, Congo and many other African countries.


  • A 50Kg Dangote Cement cost about N2,570 in Nigeria at retail price.


  • 600 bags of 50Kg Dangote Cement cost N1,510,000 at wholesale price.


Price of Elephant Cement in Nigeria (WAPCO)


Elephant Cement is a branch of LafargeHolcim Cement which is another big cement brand in Nigeria. The cement brand has its parent factory located in France known as LafargeHolcim and has some other factories in Nigeria.


These factories in Nigeria produce a large number of cement yearly where they are located in different states in Nigeria.


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These factories include 3 Elephant WAPCO Cement factories in Ogun State, United Cement Company of Nigeria in Cross River State, Atlas Cement Company in Rivers State and Ashaka Cement Company in Gombe State.


  • A 50Kg Elephant Cement cost about N2,550 in Nigeria at retail price.


  • 600 bags of 50Kg Elephant Cement cost N1,470,000 at wholesale price.


Other Brands of Cement in Nigeria and Their Prices


Ashaka Cement

Retail Price (per 50kg) – N2,550

Whole Price (per 600 bags) – N1,470,000


Ibeto Cement

Retail Price (per 50Kg) – N2,550

Whole Price (per 600 bags) – N1,500,000


Eagle Cement

Retail Price (per 50Kg) – N2,550

Whole Price (per 600 bags) – N1,470,000


BUA Cement

Retail Price (per 50Kg) – N2,550

Whole Price (per 600 bags) – N1,470,000



Retail Price (per 50kg) – N2,550

Whole Price (per 600 bags) – N1,480,000



Conclusion : Prices of Cement In Nigeria


Based on the prices we have above, we can conclude that the average price for a bag of cement in Nigeria ranges between N2,500 to N2,700 for a 50Kg bag. And for those intending to venture into the retail business, a truck of 600 bags of cement sells from N1,450,000 to N1,550,000 at wholesale price.


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Where N2,500 = Two thousand five hundred Nigerian Naira


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Image source: Elephant Cement website