Most Popular Smartphone brands in Nigeria

So let’s talk about 5 most popular smartphone brands in Nigeria. This is going to be one of the most accurate content you’re ever going to read about smartphone brands in Nigeria, kostville believes this because, after a lot of research, we’ve realized that some pieces of stuff are popular for a lot of reasons and when it comes to smartphones, the most affordable brands always rule the market.

Which smartphone brands are popular in Nigeria?

So let’s get a list of 5 most popular smartphone brands in Nigeria!

These include;

1. Tecno – Most Popular Smartphone brands in Nigeria

most popular smartphone brands in nigeria

Tecno aside the ability to churn out affordable Android devices has dominated the Nigerian smartphone market for over a decade now.

The company started by introducing powerful non-Symbian, Java phones back in 2008 when they released phones that enabled users to stream their favourite local news TV channels, radio, etc.

Earlier Techno devices were also known to be loud, strong as well as having long-lasting batteries.

While Tecno in times before now, made phones older than Tecno T635, H5 and M3 which launched with KitKat 4.2, what we have today is a market dominated by tecno branded smartphones such as camon 15, phantom 9, pouvoir 4 Pro, etc and while these are powerful phones for the average Nigerians, they’re able to serve just as devices from other premium brands like the iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, etc

Tecno remains the most popular smartphone in Nigeria because the devices are easy to afford and available in almost all smartphone shops in Nigeria.

In Nigeria today, about 5 out of every 10 Nigerian wields a tecno branded smartphone and will buy another one if the current goes bad or faces out.

See prices of tecno phones here

2. Samsung – Most Popular Smartphone brands in Nigeria

most popular smartphone brands in nigeria

Samsung is one of the premium smartphone brands in Nigeria admired for its ability to offer highly secured smartphones just like their apple counterparts.

As long as Nigerians are concerned, Samsung remains one of the oldest brands whose products such as the R-200, R210 and others made it possible for easy communication with friends and family around the world

While Samsung’s R series were admired as old as 20 years ago, the latest smartphones by the brand have remained a favorite and most sought after for most Nigerians

Samsung smartphones are admired for a lot of reasons Including Trend, affordability (Except for recent Galaxy products whose average cost runs in hundreds of thousands), easy to repair and maintain, etc.

Let’s not forget that in today’s Nigeria, 3 out of every 10 Nigerians uses one Samsung device or the other.

Samsung is known for its Galaxy devices which have remained Apple’s greatest nightmare as they’re able to offer more options for users especially those that admire Android-powered devices a lot

3. Infinix – Most Popular Smartphone brands in Nigeria

most popular smartphone brands in nigeria2

if this research was made based on the cost of smartphones alone, infinix smartphones would probably occupy the 2nd place as one of the most popular smartphone brands in Nigeria¬† after Tecno but because we’re basing this totally on popularity, Infinix smartphones are the 3rd most popular smartphone brands in the Nigerian market today

Infinix is just another wonderful brand of smartphones that has dominated Nigerian market.

It could be tagged the 2nd most affordable smartphone brands in Nigeria for the fact that the products are very affordable and readily available especially when you’re shopping for new ones.

Infinix aside being one of the most affordable brands of smartphones in Nigeria is admired for their variety of products.

While infinix note 7 currently trends as one of the latest product from the brand, Nigerians would never forget the days of “infinix hot note” which remains a legendary product that brought a breakthrough for the company – infinixmobility.

Today, infinix churns out products almost every 5th month and Nigerians are always willing to buy cos the devices are cheap, easy to use, easy to maintain and the parts and accessories are readily available in Nigeria smartphone repair and accessories shops

4 iPhone – Most Popular Smartphone brands in Nigeria


most popular smartphone brands in nigeria

Apple’s iPhone is the 4th most popular smartphone in Nigeria in that it’s more extensive than Samsung.

While Samsung is often admired by a great number of Nigerian females, the males love the iPhone because it’s able to offer a lot of features that match their lifestyle and budget.

Apple’s iPhone has dominated the Nigerian market right from the days of iPhone 3, 4 and now iPhone SE which was released just this year 2020

iPhones are loved for their ability to offer a great number of features, security, availability.
Do you know an iPhone also has more future value than any other smartphone in the world right now?

These are the reasons why the iPhone is loved in Nigeria today.

5 iTel – Most Popular Smartphone brands in Nigeria

most popular smartphone brands in nigeria
Amongst the most popular smartphone brands in Nigeria, iTel would be tagged the most popular but for the fact that the products by the company are often considered low quality and often failing to meet the trend

While Samsung, the iPhone is common among Nigeria’s younger population, tecno and infinix are popular with the middle-aged population as well as youths with low income while iTel could be considered a smartphone for the old and unsophisticated people.

iTel devices are often used by people that don’t need an expensive smartphone or those that have less use for a smartphone.

I remember my aunt often running back to her small Nokia 105 because according to her, it offers her the ability to make calls and play music which are the 2 things that matter most to her, thus less use for her iTel device

iTel is a smartphone brand for the low income population in Nigeria. A lot of youth often feel liberated after ditching their iTel devices for Tecno, infinix, Samsung or the iPhone.

Other smartphone brands in Nigeria

Aside from the brands mentioned above, there are other brands of smartphones in Nigeria that are trying to meet up, these are Brands like Huawei, Oppo, LG, Nokia, Gionee, HTC, Lenovo, Xiaomi etc

While these are included on the list of currently most popular smartphone brands in Nigeria, it must be made known that they also offer a good number of devices that serve the needs of the average Nigerian

I use Xiaomi’s Note 9 Pro along with Nokia 7.2, these are amazing smartphones but certainly not on the list of most popular smartphone brands in Nigeria.

Note: There are other smartphone brands with amazing devices that were not included on this content, these would be reviewed in the smartphone section of this web blog in times to come, so do well to keep a date with as we promise to keep feeding you the best information about things that matters

Conclusion – Most Popular Smartphone brands in Nigeria

From this page, we could classify Tecno to be among the most popular smartphone brands in Nigeria.

However, we would like to clearly state that this content was created after a thorough investigation revealed that Nigerians often buy smartphones based on affordability, trend and pressure from friends (suggestion from users)


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