Cost Of Lagos state University School Fees

If you are one of many Nigerians still finding it hard to get the actual cost of Lagos state university school fees, then relax cos this is what we are going to discuss on this blog post today!

Truth is, the cost of Lagos state university school fees has remained a mystery to many Nigerians especially since the last changes were made over 9 years ago During Governor Fashola’s Regime


Another reason why it is hard getting the actual cost of Lagos state school fees can be linked to the fact that many news media out there either fails to update what they have on their platforms or refuse to publish contents relating to this but today, will make this open.

Why Its Important to know Lagos State University School Fees

We need to know the cost of Lagos state university school fees, this is because the economy is getting tougher and everyone deserves to know what they are sticking their heads on as far as Lagos state university school fee and other costs are concerned and fortunately, we have gotten a piece of great and credible information from an Undergraduate student of the honorable institution.


as a student aspiring to study in Lagos State University or a parent that wants his/her child to study in this institution, then you should pay attention to this article as the content is the most updated piece you’ll ever read at the moment.


Now, you will be getting the correct amount for Lagos State University school fees, you will also learn about other fees compulsory for every student


Lagos State University School Fees For Old Students

Below is a list of faculties in Lagos State University as well as the approved school fees for old students according to their respective faculties. You also observe the school fees is the same irrespective of the department


Faculty Of Arts (N25,000)

  • English 
  • Arabic         
  • Christian Studies      
  • Islamic Studies         
  • History & International Studies       
  • Music & Theatre Arts                      
  • Portuguese / English
  • French
  • Yoruba
  • Philosophy
  • Peace Studies



Faculty Of Education (N25,000)

  • Arabic Education     
  • Christian Religious Studies Education          
  • Islamic Studies Education     
  • English Education     
  • French Education
  • History Education    
  • Yoruba Education    
  • Biology Education   
  • Chemistry Education            
  • Mathematics Education       
  • Physics Education    
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Health Education
  • Computer Science Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Business Education
  • Accounting Education
  • Educational Management
  • Geography Education
  • Economics Education
  • Political Science Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Guidance & Counselling


Faculty Of Law (N25,000)

  • Common/Civil Law 


School Of Agriculture (N25,000)

  • Agriculture


Faculty Of Management Sciences (N25,000)

Here is a list of departments within the faculty of management sciences

  • Public Administration
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Banking & Finance
  • Management Technology
  • Industrial Relations and Personnel
  • Management
  • Insurance
  • Business Administration


School Of Communication (N25,000 + N10,000 – LASU RADIO)

 Fortunately, as at the time of compiling this, Lagos state university has just one Department in the faculty of Communication. Maybe other departments will be added as time goes!

  • Mass Communication


Faculty Of Science (N25,000)

  • Biochemistry
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Fisheries & Aquatic Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology
  • Physics
  • Zoology
  • Computer Science


College Of Medicine (N25,000)

  • Medicine & Surgery
  • Physiology
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Nursing 


 Faculty of Social Sciences (N25,000)

  • Geography & Planning
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Sociology


School Of Transport (N25,000)

  •  Transport


Faculty Of Engineering ( N25,000)

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics & Computer Engineering
  • Chemical and Polymer Engineering
  • Aeronautic & Astronautics Engineering


Remember that students are bound to pay other fees like bank charges and internet service charges which round it up to about N26,000.


Cost of Lagos State University School fees for Freshers


As a fresher or new intake to the Lagos State University. You will be required to pay other dues aside from the N25,000 tuition fee paid every academic year 


Below is a breakdown of all the fees expected to be paid by a fresher.


  • Online Screening Form – N2,000
  • Acceptance Fee – N20,000
  • Medical Fee – N10,000
  • Tuition Fee – N25,000
  • Matriculation Gown – N5,000
  •  Total – N62, 000



Lagos state university School Fees For Indigene


It is popularly believed that being an indigene of a state-owned University is an added advantage.


Yes, this is true because you will be privileged to get a bursary and scholarship awards from the Lagos State Government and also have a higher chance of getting admitted in the University if your online screening result is okay.

But the issue is that an indigene will pay more fees compared to non-indigene of Lagos. Below is the breakdown for indigene.


  • Online Screening Form – N2,000
  •  Independent Indigeneship Verification Exercise (IIVE) – N5,000
  •  Acceptance Fee – N20,000
  •  Medical Fee – N10,000
  •  Tuition Fee – N25,000
  •  Matriculation Gown – N5,000
  •  Total – N67, 000



Is Lagos state university School Fees N25,000?


Yes, The approved School Fees for all Lagos state university students is N25,000 and no longer N150,000. The school fee was initially N25,000 before it rose to N150,000 in 2011. 


4 years after, exactly in the year 2015, the changes made in 2011 were reversed and fees fixed to N25,000 and this has remained unchanged till date. 


How Much Is Lagos state University school fees for part-time?


Lagos state university, LASU part-time program also known as “sandwich”, has a more expensive fee compared to that of full-time programs. 

Below is a breakdown of the fees.


Lagost State University School Fees for First Year

  • Tuition Fee – N97,000
  • Acceptance Fee – N20,000
  • Total – N107,000


  • Second Year – N92,000
  • Third Year – N87,000
  •  Fourth Year – N82,000


Well, you will notice that the tuition fee reduces by N5,000 every year. You are also privileged to pay 70% part payment of your tuition fee in the first semester and then pay the 30% in the second semester.


Lagos state University School fees for Stream Two 


The Lagos State University stream two admissions was launched in the 2019/2020 session after they concluded the stream one admission process. 


This stream two programs has a wide range of entrepreneurship programs attached with it whereas after graduating you will be coming out with your degree certification along with your entrepreneurship certification. 


They offer a wide range of skill acquisition programs that you can always select from. You should see the break down of stream two tuition fee below;


Lagos State University Freshers Fee

  • Tuition Fee – N150,000
  • Acceptance Fee – N20,000
  • Medical Fee – N10,000
  • Total – N180,000

 Staylite Tuition Fee – N150,000


How To Pay Lagos State University Tuition Fee Online

In Order to pay Lagos State University Fees online, candidates are advised to carefully follow the steps below:


  • Visit LASU official website 
  • Navigate the ‘Student Service‘ in the menu and click
  • Check for Payment Service
  • Click on School Fees Payment.
  • When it comes up, enter your Matriculation Number and select the program you are paying for.
  • Proceed with payment. 


Conclusion – Lagos State University School Fees


At this point, we can conclude that the cost of Lagos state school fees is N25,000 for all stream 1 undergraduate full-time programs. 

We also found that full-time undergraduate freshers in LASU pay more fees.


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