How To Buy Google Drive Storage

Today on, we are going to make it easy for you to buy Google drive storage. We will achieve this by ensuring you get a piece of good and credible information about Google drive storage, pricing as well as the cost requirements for google drive storage 

The advent of Cloud Computing as introduced by Amazon, Microsft and Google has led to the need for google drive storage. Google Cloud Storage has been of great benefits to almost everyone that is using a desktop or mobile device, especially for businesses whose resources run on cloud computing infrastructures today. It has saved so many files and folders from getting lost. Just relax and read through because we will also cover the benefits of Google Drive storage. But before that?

What Is Google Drive Storage?

Google Drive Storage is a cloud storage service that allows you to save data like photos, songs, albums, documents of all formats, folders and any other thing that you can store in an external hard drive.


The file storage service turns out to be one of the most used among others. It is a Google product that is usually made available to almost all mobile devices running on Android Operating system, if you purchased a device without google product app, you will be required to download the app on play store, then sign up with your Gmail.

You will be granted with free storage of 15GB. This free 15GB might not be enough for you in the long run, therefore expanding your storage would be necessary. 

The expansion of this file storage requires you to upgrade to a paid plan. So check out the Google Drive storage price list below. After you have made your choice, you will learn how to buy Google Drive Storage along.


Google Drive Storage Price List

On this section, you’re going to price of google drive storage depending on the space requirements.

● Storage – 100GB

Duration/Price – $1.99 per month

Duration/Price – $19.99 per year which is a 16% discount


● Storage – 200GB

Duration/Price – $2.99 per month

Duration/Price – $29.99 per year which is a 16% discount


● Storage – 2TB

Duration/Price – $9.99 per month

Duration/Price – $99.9 per year which is a 17% discount.


● Storage – 10TB

Duration – Monthly

Price – $99.9 


● Storage – 20TB

Duration – Monthly

Price – $199.99


● Storage – 30TB

Duration – Monthly

Price – $299.99


How To Buy Google Drive Storage

Congratulations! No we’ve seen Google drive storage price list and discount attached to everyone of them, let’s learn how to buy google drive storage. Yes, I mentioned earlier that you need to upgrade to a paid plan. This paid plan is known as Google OneDrive. So follow the steps below to buy a Google drive storage.

Steps to Buy Google Drive Storage

1. Make your Google Drive application available on your device. If you don’t have it, simply download on Google play store.

2. Locate the settings option on google drive application either on your mobile through the menu options ( has three lines parallel to each other)

3. Click Upgrade Storage .

4. It will come up with different storage plans that we have discussed earlier. 

5. Click on your desired storage plan.

6. Select a preferred method of payment.

7. Click on Subscribe.


How To Buy Google Drive Storage on PC

If you’re on a PC and you wish to purchase more Google Drive storage. Then follow these steps to buy it google drive storage directly on Google Drive website. 

1. Sign-In into your Google mail account on your system.

2. Visit the Google Drive website. 

3. Tap the upgrade section at the right-hand side of your screen.

4. Click on your preferred plan.

5. Make payment using your debit or credit card.

This method can also be applied when you want to buy Google drive storage with your mobile phone.


Benefits of Google Drive Storage


Google Drive storage has some irresistible benefits which make it one of the top choices for many users. These benefits are be outlined below;

● It is one the safest forms of storage – This is because you won’t have to worry about crashed hard drives, corrupt memory cards, damaged flash drives and all other incidents that lead to loss of files and documents. You can also save your files on Google drive for future purpose. 

● It is always accessible – Yes, it’s accessibility feature cannot be underestimated because you can gain access to your documents, music, photos and all other folders uploaded to the platform at your convenient time. You can always gain access even when you don’t have your device with you, providing that you have access to the Internet.

● Expandable storage space – This another wonderful feature of Google Drive storage. This allows you to save files of huge sizes without worries. 

Conclusion – How To Buy Google Drive Storage

This process involved in buying Google drive storage is as easy as explained in this article. All that is required of you is to follow the steps as explained above.

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