What is Hand Sanitizer Price in Nigeria?

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Ever since the outbreak of COVID 19, several nations around the world have taken necessary precautions to curb the spread on this virus.

Among the many precautions is the regular use of hand sanitizers and this is why we consider these sanitizers as an essential commodity in the world today! May be they will become less important after global economy has come to a normalcy!

Meanwhile, there are other preventive measures which include; the use of nose mask, social distancing, avoid social gathering, avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes, boosting your immune system, washing your hands with soap and water, and the use of hand sanitizers.

Though hand sanitizers have been in use before Covid-19 outbreak, the demand for it had just risen recently.

They have always been used in offices, hospitals, business places, schools, supermarkets, homes and other public places. But let’s learn a little about hand sanitizers below;


What are Hand Sanitizers?

 Hand sanitizers are gels or liquid substances that are applied to our hands to kill germs and other disease-causing microorganisms.

The types of hand sanitizers depend on the substances used during the production process.

However, the most common type of hand sanitizer is the alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Whereby, some constituents of the alcohol-based hand sanitizers are majorly 60% to 95% alcohol and natural substances like the aloe Vera gel.

The Importance of Hand Sanitizers

 Before we discuss the prices of hand sanitizers in Nigeria, it is necessary you know why these hand sanitizers are tagged important for all humanity. So lets see the several importance of hand sanitizers below!

1. Hand Sanitizers Stop The Spread of Diseases

Yes, this is the primary purpose of hand sanitizers. You must have come in contact with germs either consciously or unconsciously.

This may be through handshakes from an infected person or through your mobile phones and other gadgets that are known to harbor germs.

Therefore one of the best ways to stop the spread of disease is by using hand sanitizers.

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2. Promotion of Good Hygiene

Having good hygiene means a step closer to good health. The regular usage of hand sanitizers is one of the most recommended ways to maintain good hygiene.

This is because whenever your hands are purified, the probability of getting infected with diseases would be reduced to a reasonable level.

3. Keeping your environment clean

This may not be directly true but hand sanitizers indirectly keep a clean environment.

How? They prevent you from littering the floor with tissue papers, soap nylons, and packs of other cleaning agents.

Meanwhile, you can also sanitize your hands without having to mess up the whole place.

4. Hand Sanitizers are Portable

This is why most people love hand sanitizers except you have seen anybody who goes about with their toilet sink.

They are so portable that you can carry them along to wherever you go. You can choose to put them in your bag, take them to conference, meetings and any other official places.

Therefore, the importance of hand sanitizers cannot be overlooked, so let us quickly go through the hand sanitizer prices in Nigeria.


Hand Sanitizer Price in Nigeria

The prices of hand sanitizers in Nigeria that would be discussed in this article today are based on some certain factors which are enumerated below;

  • The size of the hand sanitizer (millimetre).
  • The brand of the hand sanitizer.
  • The location where the hand sanitizer is bought.
  • The period the hand sanitizer was bought.

Therefore, the hand sanitizer prices in Nigeria ranges between N750 to N28, 000.

Ensure you go through the list below;


  • The cost of Deep Action Hand Sanitizer (N4000ml) is N18, 100


  • The cost of Deep Action Hand Sanitizer (5000ml) is N27, 750


  • The cost of Orah Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer (100ml) is N900


  • The cost of Orah Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer (500ml) is N2, 290


  • The cost of Myk Instant Hand Sanitizer (100ml) is N1, 600


  • The cost of Clean Shield Hand Sanitizer (500ml x 6pcs) is N9, 030


  • The cost of Clean Shield Hand Sanitizer (70ml x12pcs) is N7, 399


  • The cost of Wind Moisturizing Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer (100ml) is N1, 800


  • The cost of Series Hand Sanitizer (100ml) is N1, 520


  • The cost of Derby Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer (65ml x 2pcs) is N1, 900


  • The cost of Fressia Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer is (300ml) is N2, 900


  • The cost of Purit Hand Sanitizers of (125mls x 6pcs) is N2, 660


  • The cost of Renew Instant Hand Sanitizer (100ml) is N750


  • The cost of Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel (5000ml) is N10, 500


  • The cost of Femnix Hand Sanitizer Spray (100ml) is N950


  • The cost of Duwells Hand Sanitizer (500ml) is N1, 430


  • The cost of Purell Hand Sanitizer (118ml x 6pcs) is N10, 800


  • The cost of Sanigel Hand Sanitizer (120ml) is N4, 800


  • The cost of MGlobe Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer (500ml) is N1, 900


  • The cost of Reclaim Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer (500ml) is N1, 900


  • The cost of Enliven Waterless Hand Sanitizer (500ml) is N6, 200


  • The cost of Fresh Scents Hand Sanitizer (4000ml) is N10, 000


  • The cost of Sanita Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer (200ml) is N1, 499


  • The cost of Wind Hand Sanitizer (500ml) is N3, 000


  • The cost of Estellapride Instant Hand Sanitizer (50ml x 6pcs) is N4, 200


  • The cost of Tuff Waterless Hand Sanitizer (500ml x 3pcs) is N8, 000

You can choose the one that beats your budget from the above brands. They are all quality brands.


Conclusion – Hand Sanitizer Price in Nigeria

The prices of hand sanitizers in Nigeria range between N750 to N28,000 It all depends on the choice that you have made from the once that are enumerated above.

You can get them at pharmacy shops, clinics, supermarkets, or on any online store.

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