Current Prices Of Foodstuffs In Nigeria 2020

According to economists, food is one of the most essential needs of man. If not for anything, for the fact that it helps generate energy required for all human activities except those carried out through mechanical means. But, since mechanical tools work with human inputs, it can then be said that food is a must for all. On this post, we are going to be looking at the current prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria and the cost of each time will be given based on a recent survey.

Kostville research team carried out a research across several markets within Nigeria and in some cases, getting the current prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria in most cases required us to buy the items, visit the markets, or put a call through a few dealers so as to be sure of the information we share with you here

Kostville understands that that what serves as food to some Nigerians may not appeal to others and so for this reason, we limited our cost analysis to some of the most important foodstuffs In Nigeria today

What is Food to You?

My name is Jonathan, i am a Male and to me foodstuff includes such things as Rice, beans, Yam, Garri, etc. Lets not forget to mention that i love beverages and other snacks which i may not mention here.
To my female counterparts, a foodstuff may include stuffs like Beverages, spaghetti, fruits, corn flakes, oats, golden morn and what have you.

Having stumbled on this post today, we the entire Kostville team promise to reveal the current prices of foodstuffs in Nigerian market and we shall do this without sentiments. Lets start with knowing the importance of this blog post

Why this Post Is Important For You

You probably came here cos you need to know the average cost of items in the market, maybe because you’d love to stock your Kitchen, fill your store, fridge with food items isn’t it?

This post was perfectly written to answer your questions


Having understood the various importance of knowing the current prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria, lets see these different foodstuffs and their current prices in Nigeria

Current Prices of Rice In Nigeria

For a few months now, Nigerian Government has put a stop to importation of Rice. This according to the government is to encourage local production as well as compensate local farmers for their efforts towards providing food for the nation but truth is, this has led to a sudden hike in price of rice in Nigeria


prices of rice in nigeria
Bags oF Rice

There are different brands of rice in Nigeria, this includes brands like Big Bull, Mama’s Pride, Mama Africa, Mama Gold, Stallion, etc. But lets see the average cost of Bag of rice

Price of 50Kg Rice In Nigeria

Bodija Market – N13,000
Dawanau Market – N15,000
Gboko Main Market – N16,000
Umuahia Main Market – N18,000
Mile 12 Market – N14,700
Gombe Main Market – N16,000
Nkwo Nnewi – N19,000


Prices Of Beans In Nigeria

For the price of beans, Kostville Team did a lot of research ranging from calls to dealers in northern area of Nigeria, sellers in different zones of the country and lastly, we pulled some information from Nigerianinfopedia after which the following information were gathered


Price of 100Kg Bag of Beans in Nigeria

White beans
N27,100 – Mile 2, Lagos state
N24,050 – Bodija, Oyo State
N22,070 – Dawanau Market, Kano state
N20,020 – Igbudu Market, Delta State
N18,200 – Gombe Main market, Gombe state
N22,000 – Umuahia Main Market

Price of 1 Paint Rubber Of beans In Nigeria

N560 – Dawanau Market, Kano State (1 tier)
N250 – Gombe Main Market (1 Mudu)
N1000 – Igbudu Market, Delta State
N1070 – Umuahia Market, Abia State

Prices of Palm Oil In Nigeria

Before talking about the price of palm oil in Nigeria, i would like to point out that the best palm Oil is often gotten from the Eastern states of Nigeria, especially Abia and Imo states and a few Southern states like Delta and Edo State.

We shall be looking at the price of 25 Litre of palm oil in Nigeria

Price of 25 Litre of Palm Oil

Umuahia Market – N5000
Nkwo Nnewi Market – N9000
Igbudu Market – N6,000
Mile12 Market – N12,000
Gombe Main Market – N10,000
Gboko Market – N10,000
Dawanau Market – N10,000
Bodija Market – N11,000

Prices Of Tomatoes In Nigeria

Tomato is one of the most important ingredients for stew and other sauce used to eat rice. I know some may use it for soup and gravy like my Indian friends over here in Lagos State.

However, the market price of Tomato as a commodity in Nigerian market is often affected by season. This is why it sells at a higher price in Easter, Christmas and New year and also during Salah and other festive times

Price of Tomato in Nigeria

Depending on the season, the price 1 big basket of Tomatoes In Nigeria could range from 2000 -7500

Price of 40Kg Tomatoes In Nigeria

Bodija Market – N8,900
Dawanau market – N15,000
Tella Market, Taraba – N3,000
Gboko Main Market – N22,000
Gombe Main Market – N2,350
Igbudu Market – N13,750
Nkwo Market – N13,200
Mile 12 Market – N8,000

Price of Yam In Nigeria

A we’d always known, Yam is rich in carbohydrate and starch. Yam is could be consumed with red oil, porridge, fried along with scrambled eggs, i am not going to forget to mention Poundo, etc. In Nigeria we have water yam, Abuja yam, Bwari Yam and Benue Yam.

prices of foodstuff in Nigeria - Yam


Regular Yam (Small) – N250 – N500
Abuja Yam – N500 – N900
Regular Yam (large) – N800 – N1000

Price of Noodles In Nigeria

Noodles are loved for the fact that they’re easy to prepare, serves as a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner for most bachelors and spinsters. They are also loved by babies, specially schooling kids

There are several noodle brands in Nigeria. these include: Chiki, Golden Penny, O Noodles, and Indomie which i guess is the Chairman of all.

We will list the prices below!

Indomie Onion Flavor – (70g x 40pcs) – N2,200 – N2,350
Indomie super pack – (70g x 40pcs) – N2,150 – N2,400
Hungry man size – (200g x 24pcx) – N4,400 – N4,700
Indomie Chicken – (70g x 40pcs) – N2,150 – N2,225
Golden Penny Noodles – (70g x40pcs) – N2,350
Indomie Belleful – 305g x 16pcs – N4,310 – N4,600
Chiki Noodles – 100g x 40pcs – N3,050 – N3,150

Price of Spaghetti In Nigeria

Spaghetti is loved for the fact that its falls in the category of fast foods, however, spaghetti is rich in carbohydrate and could serve as a better alternative for Noodles. It can be had in the morning as breakfast, Lunch and always present in lunch boxes of school kids

Lets see the different brands of spaghetti in Nigeria and prices below!

Current Price Of Spaghettic In Nigeria

Dangote Spaghetti (500g) – N250- N320
Bonita Spaghetti (500g) – N250 – N310
Golden Penny Spaghetti (500g) – N270 – N330
Power Spaghetti (500g) N250 – N310

Price Of Garri in Nigeria

Now this is a food i love most, so i didn’t even stress myself since i always keep a tap on my supplier. She always visits local markets In Delta State, buys cheap and sells to us in the city.

price of yellow garri in nigeria
Yellow Garri – Google image search

Because you are currently reading from a town in Nigeria, i will give you township price

1 Paint Rubber – N1000 – N1200 (Warri Price)

80Kg bag of Ijebu Garri – N11,000 – N15600
80Kg bag of White Garri – N8,200 – N9200
80Kg Bag of Yellow Garri – N7500 – N12000



I Could go on and on listing the several food items and Current prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria but you see, the truth is, unless one decides to create a digital book with real-time update capability, the price of foodstuffs in Nigeria cannot really be listed cos the items are too much to mention.Lets not forget Nigeria is a multicultural society which means that what you have as food in a certain region, tribe and state may not be generally available in other regions, thus the variation in price.

Researchers could only try as much as possible to give an average cost of certain items and these is only normal for a few goods.

Please always remember that the best way to buy cheap foodstuffs in Nigeria is to buy in large quantity from the market. If you are a spinster or bachelor, try as much a possible to make out a day for your weekly or monthly shopping as this allows you stock up your store with fresh and cheap food items


These are the few items we could cover today, with time, updates will be made on the prices since this resarch was carried out during the Covid19 pandemic time