Cost Of Migrating to Dubai 2020

The cost of migrating to Dubai is very little compared to other parts of the globe. Truth is If you are A Nigerian, looking for a way to migrate and enjoy a better life, then I can boldly say one of the major problems you may have is picking a good country to migrate to and after solving this puzzle, you are going to be faced with the cost of Migration and this is what we are going to answer on this post today

Let us assume that of all beautiful cities in the world, you have decided to migrate to Dubai. One of the most beautiful cities in the Middle Eastern part of Asia. Then another question would be “What is the cost of Migrating to Asia?”

I know you are quite eager to find out the total cost of migrating to Dubai located in the United Arab Emirates, relax, lets first give a few introductions to the city!

About Dubai

Dubai is one of the 7 emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, it one of the world’s most beautiful place and currently home to the most beautiful airport in the world.¬†

The city is known, not only as number one tourist destination but also as a city booming with a lot of real estate business and home to world’s Tallest Building – Burj Khalifa

In terms of Hospitality, Dubai is a city filled with cafes, restaurants of different cuisines, home to the world’s only known 7-star hotel – the Burj Al Arab.

What is the cost of Migrating to Dubai?

To answer the question above, I am going to use a real-life experience and this time, I am using the experience of an African, thus, there may be a little different if you are reading from other parts of the globe!

To migrate to any country, one needs a few things such as Visa, Flight Ticket as well as the cost of settling and these I am going to explain here

Cost Of Dubai Visa

If you are a Nigerian with the intention to migrate to Dubai, one of the major costs you’ll encounter is Visa Cost.

There are several types of Visa available for anyone migrating to Dubai from Africa.


In my case, i got a 3 Months tourist Visa. The idea is that once you get to Dubai, you try as much as possible to secure a job. Securing a Job in Dubai means you are a step away from becoming a legal resident which means before the expiry date of your 3 Months Visa, the company employing you must have applied for a 2 years work permit for you.

The cost of Dubai 3 Months Tourist Visa ranges from 2200 – 3000Dhs depending on the season and the agent you consult and another interesting thing is the visa is issued within 48 hours of application.

Now that’s cost 1, lets talk about other costs involved in migrating to Dubai.

Flight Ticket

I Migrated within the early days of November 2018, just a few weeks after my NYSC Passing Out Parade.

The cost of a flight ticket is usually high at these times. The cost of a flight ticket to Dubai in November usually depends on the airline you chose.

For EgyptAir, Cost of flight From Nigeria to Dubai ranges from 1800Dhs in February to about 2700Dhs in December

I spent 2400Dhs on my flight. It could’ve been more if i decided to use Etihad, Emirates, Turkish Air or any other airline!

Cost Of Settling In Dubai

To migrate safely to Dubai without a hassle, there are a few things you must tale along with you.

Accommodation Cost For Nigerians

This usually ranges from 500 to 750Dhs depending on your arrangement with your agent and the area the accommodation is located. But in cases where a job is already secured before you land, you would be taken to the employer directly. In Dubai, it is required of every employer to provide accommodation for his employees regardless of the nationality.

In a few cases where the employer has no dedicated accommodation for his or her staffs, then the cost of accommodation is embedded in the salary which means the employee searches for accommodation wherever he likes 

Agency Fee for Job

Though this is tagged illegal sometimes, migrants are required to have some cash for agency fees. This means some people to help you find a job as you arrive Dubai may ask for some fees. Migrants are warned to be cautious when giving out cash to any agencies for Job since there are a good number of scammers parading themselves as Job Agents

Keep 1000 – 1500Dhs for this purpose

Personal Effects

As a Nigerian male, I am a lover of fufu, Eba or swallow as some may call it. But based on the fact that i was never informed beforehand, had to start eating Briyanni which I did not like till recently when I got my job and started working with Indians, Pakistanis and Nepalis.

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If you love Nigerian food like me, ensure you take along some garri, Melon, Ground pepper, Crayfish and some fish as these would help you cope for a few days before you start earning some cash from your place of work.

So before you leave Nigeria, ensure you visit a market and get these things as they will help you settle well. You may spend around N10,000 Buying these from any Market in Nigeria.


Things You Must Know Before Migrating To Dubai

In this section, you are going to learn a few things that are considered “Haram” in Dubai. These are things that could buy you automatic trouble in the streets of Dubai, so i suggest you keep them at the back of your mind as you arrive Dubai!


Dubai is a city where public consumption of alcohol of any type is frowned at. so ensure you keep off from alcoholic drinks when you arrive in Dubai.


Public Display of Affection (Love)

In Dubai, you are not allowed to live with any woman other than your wife. do not forget Dubai is a member state of The United Arab Emirates which is an Islamic state, thus Sharia law is here to dwell.


3. Working with More than 1 Company

According to the law, No resident on company Visa is permitted to work with more than 1 company at a time. This means you are not permitted to work with another organization other than that which issued your employment Visa. In most, the punishment for this offence could lead to a 3 months jail term as well as a fine of 50,000Dhs on the defaulting company

Conclusion: Cost Of Migrating To Dubai

The cost of migrating to Dubai as an African totally depends on what season of the year. The Total Cost of Migrating to ranges from 6,000 to 7650Dhs for an African.

This is the cheapest cost of migrating to Dubai based on personal experience. It could be much more if you have Hotel expenses, taxi, the cost for Sim card, added to the original amount.

This is all about Cost of migrating to Dubai and as you can see, this is a real life experience from a Nigerian Who migrated in year 2018. Applying whatever you read here can keep you several steps ahead and so i encourage you to share with other that may find this very useful too!