Cost of DNA Test In Nigeria

Whether you are a Nigerian or a foreigner searching for the cost of DNA test in Nigeria, i want to say a very big welcome because on this page, the answers you seek abound. Aside from giving you the cost of DNA Test in Nigeria, we’d also share some vital information that may help you locate one or 2 centers without a single hassle.

The DNA test should be the next thing that comes to your mind whenever you are in doubt of the paternal status of a child. It has helped a lot of Nigerians identify the biological parent of a child.

Meanwhile, there are other means to identify this but the DNA test stands out to be one the recommended in the country today.

However, you can’t go to any health care center to get this test done without cash on you. This is the reason we have decided to let you know the cost of DNA tests in Nigeria.

But before moving on to that, let’s learn some things about the DNA test.


What is a DNA test?

DNA test which is also referred to as DNA paternity test is the use of a DNA profile to identify the biological parent of a child.

This test can be done by using other methods which include the; genetic testing, ABO testing, protein and enzyme analysis.

But the DNA testing seems to be the most advanced and accurate of them all because it recorded about 99.9% success.


Why is DNA Test Conducted?

In this section, we shall be looking at several reasons why the DNA test is conducted. Well, you must have known before now that the primary reason why this test is conducted is to identify the biological parent of a child.

However, there are other reasons why this test is could. So you should check them out below;


To Trace Your Ancestors/Relatives

Well, I have seen situations whereby some people lost contact with their relatives for a very long time.

But in the long run, they eventually got in touch with one another when both parties seem not to believe that they were related. So the only way they could clear their doubt was to go for a DNA test.

On the other hand, this DNA testing can be used for genetic research, thereby making it easier to trace your ancestors.


To Check the Condition of a New Born Child

Here is another reason why the DNA test is conducted.

Well, there are situations whereby the doctor needs to screen a newborn baby to confirm the baby’s health condition.

Meanwhile, this will help a child’s parents know how much medical attention they should give to the baby.


For Disease Testing

It has been confirmed that the DNA test is sometimes conducted to identify if a person is infected with a virus or has Cancers. However, there are other professional tests for this but the DNA test too could be a nice option


For Scientific Research

The DNA test report is used by scientists to study where a specie or an organism originated from.

This will add to their data, thereby increasing the probability of carrying out successful research.


To resolve conflicts and legal issues

This applies to those people who have had misunderstanding related to the true biological parent of a child.

Yes, the DNA test has helped to resolve issues like this in the past and will still do in the future. Meanwhile, this is the most common reason why DNA tests are conducted.


What Materials are required for a successful DNA Test?

According to Wikihow’s intel on How to collect DNA, we learnt almost everything that comes from a human body could be used as a DNA material or sample and this includes; Semen, Nail, hair, Saliva, Blood, etc

Best DNA Test Centers in Nigeria

We shall be making a quick review of some of the best DNA Test Centre Nigeria before we move to the average cost of DNA test in Nigeria. So check them out below;

Lynx DNA Laboratories Ltd

This one of the best DNA testing centers in Nigeria that has a lot of branches cutting across major cities in Nigeria.

They have DNA test centers in Benin City, Lagos, Abuja, Calabar, and Port Harcourt. According to them, they are working hard to have centers in all the states in Nigeria.

This DNA test center start operating in 2006 and was working as an affiliate of two DNA centers in the United States (GENETICA and DDC). They belong to one of the best DNA testing centers on our list today.

For more information about the Lynx DNA laboratory Ltd, contact them on


DNA Centre for Paternity Test Nigeria

Here is another good DNA test center on our list today. They have been known to be around for over 10 years thereby making them very experienced in the field.

Aside from the paternity DNA testing, they also offer other services like the Pregnancy prenatal DNA test and immigration. Their centers are located in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

They claim to be the first to introduce robotic technology in their laboratory in the USA. This is to show you how standard they can be.

Some unique about them is that they carry out the DNA tests on their patients twice to ensure accuracy.

For further inquiries about the DNA Centre for paternity test Nigeria, you should send a mail to


DNA World Wide Group

The primary location of this DNA test center in Nigeria is in Lagos. According to them, they have chosen Lagos because it is the most populated in Nigeria. Meanwhile, you will find other branches at Port-Harcourt, Abuja, Onitsha, and Benin City.

The DNA World Wide Group has major clinics around the world some of which are located in the UK, USA and other parts of EU. All their clinics are equipped with fully trained personnel.

They also belong to our list of recommended DNA test centers that you can try out.

In case you which to reach out to the DNA World Wide Group, you should contact them on 01373800130.

Cost of DNA Test in Nigeria

Although most of these center won’t expose their prices to the public which is one of the reasons why their contact is made available for you.

However judging from some insider source and the research carried out by our team, we can conclude that the average cost of DNA test in Nigeria ranges between N65, 000 to N120, 000 Depending on the facility you visit!

This cost might vary in different clinics but should fall within that range. In a situation whereby legal issues are involved, you might end up paying close to N150,000.



As usual, the only thing that brings me joy is when i find satisfaction in the face of my audience. Having explained a few things about DNA in Nigeria as well as listing a few DNA Test Centres and the Cost of Conducting a DNA Test in the country, i hope you are happy and ready to take the next big step towards proving the paternity of that Child or any of the reasons mentioned above?

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