Cost of Building a Duplex in Nigeria

Today, Mr Dennis Danziger will be talking about tips to help you know the cost of building a duplex in Nigeria. If you intend to build a brand new duplex, you should be ready to spend some cash. 

Like you must have known before now, A well furnished duplex is one of the most comfortable homes in which you can live anywhere in the world!

Duplexes are tagged the most comfortable homes to live in because, as an occupant, you have a good number of rooms, a staircase leading to the sitting rooms, a good number of restrooms/bathrooms, much space, maximum privacy, and several other benefits.



Therefore, the cost requirements for building a Duplex is a huge one.


However, you do not need to panic because we will be breaking down the cost of building a duplex in Nigeria on this page today. 


This article will help you know the estimated cost and how much money you need to budget ahead.


How Much Does It Cost To Build A Duplex In Nigeria?



An estimator needs to consider a few factors before presenting an estimate for the building of a Duplex in Nigeria. Among the factors that influence the cost of building a duplex in Nigeria is the cost of the land, the taste of the client, cost of construction materials, cost of labor in the area, the season of the year.


Therefore, based on the factors above, the estimated cost of building a duplex in Nigeria should range between N15,000,000 to N27,000,000


Meanwhile, it is necessary you check out the breakdown of these costs, to know how much money you should budget for each of them. 

Cost of Buying a Land


It doesn’t matter the kind of house that you have in mind. The cost of buying land should always come first in your budget. 

 Well considering the fact that you are building a duplex, then you should plan to buy at least a plot of land. 

 However, the price of a plot of land in Nigeria ranges due to some factors like location, the land topography and others.

ReadPrice of land In Badagry

 Therefore, you should budget between N400,000 to N12,000,000 per plot. Meanwhile, if you want a lot of space around your house like packing space, indoor sport and recreational space, vegetations e.t.c. 


You should consider buying more than a plot of land which will obviously cost more.


Remember the price of a plot of land in Nigeria ranges between N400,000 to N12,000,000


Cost To Foundation Stage 


Having gotten a land, the next thing that should come to your mind is the cost of the foundation stage. At this point, you will be required to pay attention to the quality of the building materials used for constructing the foundation of your duplex.


Here you are going to buy a lot of cement, blocks, etc. See this post on the current price of cement in Nigeria and Price of Block in Nigeria


You should note that your duplex requires a very strong foundation, so that the building will stay strong for more than a lifetime.


Anyway, you should see a breakdown of the cost of the foundation stage below;


● The cost materials needed for filling the foundation ranges between N150,000 to N300,000


● The cost of materials used for setting out with profile ranges between N12,000 to N25,000


● The cost of materials required for digging and evacuation ranges between N10,000 to N20,000


● The cost of materials to be used for laying the foundation blocks ranges between N130,000 to N250,000


● The cost of materials to be used for the concrete columns ranges between N400,000 to N700,000


● The cost of materials to be used for binding the concretes ranges between N150,000 to N300,000


● The cost of materials needed for casting and flooring the floor ranges between N60,000 to N120,000


These prices listed above have covered the cost of the workforce too.


Cost of Construction of The Ground Floor To Lintel Level and Decking


 Now it is time to get the cost of raising your duplex from the foundation. Meanwhile, we must inform you that this section is based on the value of building a four-bedroom duplex in Nigeria. 


However, at this stage, you will be expected to spend more money because you will be beginning to have a more massive structure. More concrete, cement, and other building materials would be needed here.


So check out the cost of the construction from 

the ground floor to lintel level to the decking!



● The cost of the blocks to be used ranges between N500,000 to N900,000


● The cost of Lintel Casting ranges between N150,000 to N300,000


● The cost of the first-floor decking which covers all the required materials ranges between N800,000 to N1,400,000


● The cost of building staircase ranges N60,000 to N140,000


 The estimates mentioned above are for every material and workmanship involved in the building of a duplex in Nigeria


Cost of Construction of First Floor To Lintel Level


When you get to this point of building your duplex, you are most likely to spend more on blocks because this is where your duplex’s division into different rooms will begin. Meanwhile, the kind of design you want here means a lot. 


All these together will determine the cost of construction of the first floor to the Lintel Level. 


Therefore, you should check the break down below;


● The cost of the blocks to be used including the workmanship ranges between N500,000 to N900,000


● The cost for lintel casting here ranges between N150,000 to N300,000


Estimated Cost of Roofing A Duplex


There is nobody who lives in a house without a roof, therefore budgeting a reasonable amount of money for the roofing of your duplex should not be a bad idea.


We recommend using long span aluminum roofing sheets because this will give your duplex a professional look and beauty. Aside from that, they are known to be durable.


Therefore, the average cost of roofing a duplex ranges between N600,000 to N2,000,000 depending on how big your duplex is. 

Estimated Cost of Finishing Stage 


 After completing the significant aspects of the construction work, you must remember to include the cost finishing like electricity, plumbing, ceiling, flooring/tiling, painting, and many more.


You should know that the prices boil down to some certain factors, including the size of the duplex, the quality of the materials to be bought, the location you are buying them, and much more.


Therefore below is a breakdown of the estimated cost of finishing the stage of your duplex.

● The cost of flooring/tiling ranges between N500,000 to N1,500,000


● The cost of painting ranges from N600,000 to N1,500,000 


● The cost of ceiling ranges between N200,000 to N500,000


● The cost of plumbing ranges between N400,000 to N700,000


● The cost of electricity ranges between N500,000 to N1,500,000 


Total Cost of Constructing a Duplex In Nigeria

 Having gone through the entire costs broken down above, we can summarize that the average cost of building a duplex in Nigeria ranges between N15,000,000 to N27,000,000.

I believe this article went a long way in helping you budget well against a 4 – rooms duplex in Nigeria today. 

Lets not forget more money will be required for fencing the plot of land where the house is built, so see the current cost of fencing a plot of land in Nigeria


Meanwhile, it would help if you put factors like locations, quality, size of land, and others whenever you are doing budget calculations.


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