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What is Bathtub Price in Nigeria

Getting the exact bathtub price in Nigeria maybe a little bit challenging because of the differences in shapes, size and material used. And it is also important to ensure the Bathtub priced is appropriate for the project at hand. This Post is aimed at providing a very accurate answer to the question “What is Bathtub

PVC Ceiling Price In Nigeria

Today on, we are going to be looking at another important building materials known as PVC Ceiling. This time we are going to focus on PVC ceiling Price in Nigeria. And i believe this is a very important topic because every home owner wants to have the best materials installed in the home, something

Price of Cement In Nigeria

Price of Cement In Nigeria Earlier before this day, people had constructed buildings with mud, bamboo, palm fronds e.t.c. But ever since civilization began to take place, we started seeing tall towers made of bricks and concrete, and we also got roads that are made of brick blocks. Well, I am using these moments to

What is the Price of One Block?

A Sandcrete block is that made by combining a partially coarse soil, cement and water in a specified ratio usually 1:8 depending on the specification and needs of the project owner. On this post we shall be looking at the average price of sandcrete blocks and we are focusing on Africa as this is the